Low voter turnout due to ACORN problems?

HMMM, just have to wonder if the low turnout for the primaries today might be due to the fact that ACORN is "retrenching", or, hiding (and threatening to sue)...thanks to the series of videos over the past week that has been exposing this organization for what it truely is...You won't find this in the MSM...(Charlie Gibson did not have a clue!). (You Tube,) Beck, Hannity have been on this. Gotta love it! And "God Bless" the intrepid "20 somethings" that thought this up and carried it out. There is hope, my friends!

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The reason why there is low turnout is simple: it's a primary. This has nothing to do with ACORN - voters in my precinct only had four decisions to make: mayor, council, Issue #1, and Issue #2.

I have little use for ACORN, but I hardly think that gotcha videos by the likes of Glenn Beck have anything to do with low voter turnout in NW Ohio.

Glenn Beck had nothing to do with the undercover op video. He just aired it...unlike the networks.

Acorn's as corrupt as it gets, but if you didnt vote because you fall on EITHER side of the ACORN fence, you are a twit.

I've never voted because of ACORN in the past. Why would I start now?

that the average toledan doesnt even know what acorn "IS", let alone let them influence their vote one way or another...

(edit) - for the record tho, by quite a wide margin, the "average" toledoan, doesnt vote at all...

It seems like whenever we talk about increasing voter turnout, the idea of a national holiday gets mentioned (maybe not for a primary, per se). But it doesn't seem like there's enough support for it. I like the idea, because it would increase awareness and allow us to do our civic duty a little more easily.

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Cripe, ten percent of the population is not working right now and they couldn't see to it to get to the polls. A national holiday is the last thing we need--we'll be putting poor postal workers and bank tellers out of work one more day.

Personally, I think all the people were glue to their TV sets waiting for the latest ACORN expose videos to be released...they couldn't break away to get to the voting booth.

Many local union shops took the day off to let their people vote.

didnt work.

We could combine it with Veteran's Day (November 11th).

Or people could just stop bitching voicing their concern about low voter turnout. Is that better, Helen?

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I'd support a holiday or moving election day to veteran's day. I don't know if all Veteran's would though.


Except for maybe Christmas and Thanksgiving, how many people take advantage of the day off for the purpose intended?

The don't celebrate our independence from colonial rule on Independence Day; they don't memoralize our deceased members of the Armed Forces on Memoral Day; they don't honor our veterans on Veterans Day; etc.

If election day was a holiday, voting wouldn't increase - it would just be another day off.

Folks should be all the more determined to fight the greed and corruption ACORN represents (with all their racism and socialism) by voting and letting legitimate votes count.

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