Marge Brown Mayor Of Oregon Does Not Own a Home In Oregon ?? !!!

I hear that Mayor Marge Brown does not even own a home anymore in Oregon.


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Is that a requirement to hold office out there? Whats next, a poll tax?

I think residence is at least required though not limited to home ownership. I think one can rent and still vote.

I assume the author of this post is suggesting Brown doesnt live in Oregon. AREIS will at least determine if se owns a home. Not sure if she is married, but no results turn up under the search term "marge brown." Also not sure what her legal name is.

Nah, I think the person who created this post is criticizing Marge Brown for not owning a home in Oregon. (If you look at some of the recent past topics started by the same person, it appears they have some sort of a grudge against Marge Brown.)

As long as a person actually resides in the community there are plenty of valid reasons why they might not own a home...perhaps they rent, reside in a home owned by another family member (spouse or child), etc.

I don't particularly care for Marge Brown (have commented in the past here on a run-in I had with her). But I still think its not a big deal if she (allegedly) doesn't own a home in Oregon, as long as she's an actual Oregon resident.

Geez...there is so much legitimate stuff to criticize her for, why grasp at something like this? :)

to extend that logic, don't vote for Moody either cause he rents in Toledo.... it's flawed and useless logic.

All...Excuse me, but aren't there larger fish to fry?, bigger issues to deal with? Why don't we all start working from the TOP DOWN. This sends a more cogent message that all of the politicians should soon get. Nit-picking over something that you have a difficult time verifying, or, speculating on, is a waste of precious time, and effort. Mike

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