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Ok, everyone else had their say. Here is your chance to say who you would endorse or who you would never vote for. Post your thoughts here or make a new post. You can include your thoughts on the issues or on candidates. Let's hear it! Just because you don't own a paper or run your own blog means you also can't endorse. Candidates up for election on Tuesday include mayoral candidates, city council candidates, and issue 1 or issue 2 ballot issues.

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endorsed D. Michael Collins.

I would never vote for Opal, Young Ben or Keith; however the remaining 3 all have promise.

Yes on Issue #1.

Yes/For on Issue #2.

Hooda Thunkit

Stephen Ward for City council
Still have not made my mind up about Mayoral but it definately won't be Konop or Wilkowski. I may just sit this one out but I may give a sympathy vote for Covey.

No on Issue#1
No on issue #2
No on Issue #3 if we vote on that issue.

Yes on 1
Yes on 2

Never vote Moody, Konop or Opal

Most likely voting Wilkowski, but Bell or Collins could sway me last minute.

For mayor I am still a bit undecided, but I will have my mind made up by Tuesday. I am leaning towards Collins.

For City Council, I will be voting for Stephen Ward.

Yes on Issue 1

No on Issue 2

I already voted: I only voted for Mark Clark because I felt I had to pick one to vote for - for the hell of it. Most have been too nasty to me this campaign. :)

I voted for Collins, No on 1, Yes on 2.

Dave Schulz
Member of Toledo's new three person cabal and member of Gang of Three.

Sorry for the multiple posts, my computer is acting up at the moment.

Prez Washington, Tricia Lyons , Kevin Milliken
Moody for mayor , business first ,
yes on 1 and 2 , maybe even 3

I endorse Collins. In my discussions with him, he understands in considerable detail the budget and where we can move forward. He has consistently offered suggestions and worked to make them successful. He speaks his mind (sometimes gets himself in trouble for being too honest) and I have always known where he stands on an issue. A very admirable trait in today's politicians. Collins will likely bring more positive changes than anyone except for Bell.

Collins speaks honestly, is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and work and in the last contract negotiation proved his first loyalty and responsibility was to Toledoans and not those he once represented - patrol officers. Yes, he understood and wanted to work with their union. But in the end, he worked for a deal that was best for Toledo. I think he would admit more changes are needed, but in a negotiated settlement with a public sector union in the labor climate of Ohio, only so much is possible at one time unless the city is declared insolvent.

I won't vote for KW regardless of the fact that I think he is a nice guy and someone that I like. He has been in the front rooms and back rooms of Toledo politics something like 30 years. He and those who support him (almost all the elected officials in Lucas County) are the problem. I can't imagine how the problems can be solved by those who are the problem.

I also won't vote for Moody - he has some interesting ideas but the elimination of the income tax is an area that I see as a weakness. I would like to see the tax reduced and possibly eliminated. But here is the $140 - $180 million dollar question: How do you replace that much revenue from other taxes/fees, reduced expenses or a combination of both. Property taxes are already too high and would create other unintended consequences. I have yet to hear in sufficient detail how it would be done and to me this is an important issue that he has made part of his campaign. I don't see how he can do it and that means he has to explain it in some detail for my vote to be in play.

I believe Moody does have the best presentation skills of all those running for mayor.

Konop has shown that his youth is still impacting his judgment - at least I hope it is youth. Konop is likely the most intelligent in a book sense of all the candidates. He also has an issue with promises and just seems too full of himself to really represent me. I think he has great potential but today is not the day to tap it.

Bell is an individual that I could give a chance. My experience suggests he really does not listen as well as he says he does which is important based upon his campaign points. Also, I see his desire to get everyone on the same page and working together as getting them on the same page as he is on and not necessarily finding the right page for all of us to be on. This concerns me and if he should be victorious as some think, I hope I am not accurate or he realizes the need to lead from behind occasionally by supporting and getting advice from those who are more knowledgeable on issues or recognizing when he is wrong and admits and corrects the error.

Bell has a great deal of respect and has certainly been successful in his past endeavors - admirable qualities.

At this time, I don't support Issue 1. Just another grab from another source - we need quality roads. Don't try to rob Peter to pay Paul. This is not the answer and gives those responsible for solving this problem a bit of a pass.

Issue 2 is worthy of support. It is not the best plan, but it is the one before us. Councilmen Waniewski provides a good argument in the Free Press this week - Simplifying Issue 2

Teamwork Toledo for council...all of them! Milliken, Lyons, Adams, Watson and Daniels

Collins for Mayor...I thought about Bell but decided we are trying to elect a STONG Mayor and all I ever hear from Bell is "I would need to check with the voters" or " I would need to study" or "let's form a committee" anything but taking a leadership role. It sounds as if he only wants to do what is popular, not what may be necesary.

Yes on Issue 1- with stipulations that we review it each year so that it may be recinded as soon as we are out of the Budget hole.

NO on Issue 2- Twelve is swell

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Tired of hearing about all of Toledo's "potential" while nothing happens?

Fed up with being taxed twice for garbage pickup?

Have any new business' moved into Toledo?

Is downtown vibrant again?

Can more police be laid off?


It's worked so well for the last 40 years.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

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