TPS excluding to add those to the oversight committee who worked to get Scott renovated

This does not make any sense why TPS would not have someone from the Scott Alumni Association on the oversight committee.
We now find that the selection for the Scott Oversight Committee was based on approaching individuals that were unaware of the battle to save Scott by the Black community and make it appear as if they were doing a great service, when in reality they were being selected to avoid having any of the individuals that have been in the battle to save Scott along with members chosen by the Scott Alumni Association as representatives. I have spoken to two of these individuals who said that they were approached and asked if they would be willing to serve on this committee or knew anyone that would. This approach was based on a social contact and not based on qualifications or interest. The plot thickens. These individuals that are good upstanding citizens, who believed that they were doing a service to the community, were not aware that they would be replacing other African Americans that had fought for years to not only save Scott but to insure that the school received a fair treatment in the future. In this handpicked selection the goal was to put the community against its self by pitting a group of handpicked Black candidates against those that had fought the fight to not only save the Scott but to organize a oversight committee for the $37 million dollars to be spent.

The hand picked group __void of the representatives selected by the Scott Alumni Association__ consist of:

Chantae Layson Parent ( selection process unknown)
Jamesha Morris Scott Student (selection unknown)
Gloria Hillard Community Members selected by Mrs. Sobecki
One member representing the Historic Commission TBA (Selection unknown)
Rubin Bumpus as a person experienced in construction selected by Mrs. Sobecki
Keith Jordon Designated by Mrs. Sobecki as Facilitator

Selection by the Scott Alumni Association = 0

Selection by the save Our Scott Committee = 0

The methods used are deceptive but basic. Turn Black people against Black people so that the real issue does not see the light of day. When we discovered the way these individuals were approached and found that they were not informed of the real plan to not have anyone on the oversight committee that would really look at the use of funds and insure that construction guidelines were followed at Scott, we found a familiar format for advancing ones political aspirations while shutting down voices from the community. Steps: Toledo Public School Board, inside the Democratic Party, and then to insert oneself into the office of the next probable mayor of the city of Toledo. This format has worked before and appears to be working this time also.

We have found that many candidates for mayor are not even aware of the Scott Oversight Committee proposal and are not aware that this is an issue that is at the very heart of support for the Black community. It is the behind the scenes working of back room politics and they are unaware of the methodology.

To those people that have agreed to serve on this Scott Oversight Committee we ask that you now consider how and why you were really selected and follow your conscious on serving to further damage our efforts to save Scott high school. You were not selected to oversight the renovation, you were selected to serve the selectors to insure that questions would never be asked in the depth that would be asked by that those that have been in the fight for years.

It is unfortunate that the TPS board, the Democratic Party and the most likely candidate for mayor would allow this deception of the Black community and to have their offices used to launch this attack on the efforts of the individuals that are fighting to create a first class education for our children at Scott. This is what is at stake for us vs. political ambitions and manipulations on the selection of members on the Scott Oversight Committee.

The members of the Scott Alumni Association had voted that the representatives should be Avie Dixon and myself, Warren Woodberry. At the meeting when this new list of members were presented, all members of the Scott Alumni Association and the Save Our Scott Committee were asked if they knew any of the names on the list presented by TPS school board member and chairperson of the OSFC Mrs. Sobecki. They acknowledged that they had never heard of any of the individuals suggested to be on the Scott Community Oversight Committee.

And although the proposal to create a Scott Oversight Committee was initiated by the Scott Alumni Association they were not allowed to pick any representative from that organization.

The original draft called for two representatives from the SAA and two members from the Save Our Scott Committee. Without any discussion these proposals were denied and it was stated by chairperson Sobecki that her revised draft would be the draft that would be presented to TPS for final approval, in spite of the letter from the president of the Scott Alumni, Robert Davis that her draft proposal is emphatically opposed, which was followed up with a letter to this effect to the school board and Supt.John Foley.

They are attempting to again handpick a group of individuals that have shown no interest in the issues at Scott. There has never been such a blatant disrespect for the wishes of the community.

I hope that you will join us __ if you agree_in making known your displeasure with this disrespect by emailng members of the Board of Education, Superintendent John Foley, the media, candidates for mayor and members of Toledo City Council.

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