Will The Real Mayoral Candidates Please Step Forward?

All but one of the candidates for Mayor have shown who they are. Good or bad they have done so. One has not. With his vague rhetoric of little or no substance he has tried to convince us that all me need to do is to sit down and talk to each other and afterwards sing kumbaya. I don't know about you other voters, I don't need a mayor whose going to do nothing but have town hall meetings at the Northwest corner of Douglas and Sylvania and then afterwards have an "America's Got Talent" contest. I was waiting for the candidates to show his or her elitist attitude, and, by golly the last debate spilled it out. The candidate's statement that the Republicans create business and the Democrats work them was insulting and demeaning to myself and many other people I know. The Democratic Party has refered to this candidate as a stealth Republican. We already have a stealth Republican on the 22nd floor right now. With the way things are we don't need another one. I'm not willing to row this boat. I have concluded this. We need a mayor who can create the atmosphere for business to prosper in Toledo, People usually don't rob banks, break in houses or mug people when they are at their job, but if they don't have a decent job they might. If more people are working, that pays for our essential services from the City. I have narrowed my choice for mayor down to two candidates and it's not the candidate who wants to bang the mallet and watch the rest of us row.

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When the liberals want to blame someone for how bad things are they point to "fat cats", " big business" "companies outsourcing""exorbitant salaries". I've never once heard them say that any of those labels fit other liberals or dems. It's always Republican fat cats etc. who are trying to screw the supposed blue collar workers (read dems). So how can the state party now get ticked off when a candidate points out what they believe behind closed doors anyway.
And anyone who takes the time to read Bell's original comment in an interview with Jack Ford will know exactly what he meant.
Someone has to beat the hammer, someone has to row. Are you the one beating the hammer glotz? Or are you rowing?

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

I'll decide if I want to beat the hammer or row the boat. There are way too many fakes in this town who are nothing but con-artist. They are good at lying about their credentials and education, they are pretentious and they are skillfull at fooling people for a while. They eventually get caught, but the damage they do before they get caught is staggering. A person doing his or her job is not a hero. They are doing their job. We shouldn't elect them to any office just because they want to get elected. I believe their are people out their who feel that some candidates can be easily manipulated because they don't speak well, they slouch in their chair, they use incorrect grammer, often, etc. etc. etc. , and they have no platform. I feel they are more intelligent than they appear, but if elected, are they going to spend the next four years moving Toledo ahead or are they going to spend their time constantly fighting the people who covertly and overtly are running their campaign.

Joe, you always seem to have something to whine about in re candidates you dont like, but you dont really have anything poignant to say about the one you do approve of.

If you study debate tactics, that's a big flag to your opponents that you 'got nothin'...

We already have a stealth Republican on the 22nd floor right now.

the man the democrats put in office did a poor job, so now glotz wants to say he's a republican. Sorry liar, but he was an endorsed democrat, recieved his funding from the democratic party, not the republicans, and recieved endorsements from the local democrat unions who now resent what they did.

you need to stop lying and get a grip.

This demonizing of Republicans is a fairly odd position to take since no Republican has been in any position in Toledo to frak it up like the Democats have for the last 20 years.

If you want to look at the data for real, and assign blame to a party, Toledo's rule under Democrats has been a colossal failure.

So, demonizing Republicans will only condemn Toledo to a continued Detroitization. Evaluate each candidate on her or his merits and then decide.

I'm leary of the Stain and his secret Republican army. Here this whole time he was an idiot savant. Damn me and my blind following of logic... it gets me every time.


I, too, am leary of the Stain, but, the Dems have a much longer histroy of "fraking" it up than does the Stain.

As screwed up as he is, the Dems make him look like the better option.

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