Lindsay Webb Quarterly Report

Vote in the Primary for one Mayoral Candidate and six City Council At-Large Candidates … and


Proposed Charter Amendment

Section 26 – The Council

Issue 2 reduces number of politicians & bureaucrats, and puts you first.

As the election nears, I continue to ask you to vote YES on Issue 2 to ratify this Charter Amendment regarding the size of Council.

Change or more of the same?

Excerpts from Webb’s guest column regarding Issue 2 appeared in the June 11, 2009 edition of the Toledo Free Press, and updates:

On May 2nd, Dave Schulz from Citizens Organized to Bring Reform and Accountability (C.O.B.R.A), Tom Waniewski from Toledo City Council District 5 and I presented a restructuring plan for Toledo City Council, which is known as “9 is Fine” because, if passed, there would be only 9 City Council positions, not the current 12.

I’m FOR this restructuring:

* to save the City money
* to have the structure of government match the expectation of the citizenry
* to force better geographic representation

Our plan would bring change this election cycle. If the charter change passes in September, only 3 people would be elected at-large this year for a two-year term. After the 2010 census, the apportionment board would meet and decide which districts should be coupled together to form three “super-districts.” Then in 2011, when the district seats are up for election, 3 new super-districts would be up for election, too. Many have said that they like the idea that the voting public could change the make-up of council mid-way through a mayoral term. Others like the idea that the odd number of council people will eliminate the mayor’s tie-breaking ability.

The at-large members say that their job is to consider the best interests of the City as a whole. But district members cast votes right along side the at-large members on the same issues. Tom Waniewski showed leadership by fundraising for CareNet and D. Michael Collins led on the Erie Street Market. Both gentlemen are district representatives.

Think about the last time something happened in your neighborhood, like flooding or a sewer break or a crime wave, who did you call first? If you called an at-large councilperson, who did they tell you to call? We have always said that this effort is not about any individual, but about the structure of our government, perhaps it is just the culture at City Council that needs to change.

Right now, when the at-large candidates run, they run in pack. It can make it difficult to distinguish between them and their platforms. By moving to the super-district format, there would be head-to-head competition, which would give us a better “compare and contrast” and, ultimately, I believe it will lead to better leadership.

The other statistics that have resonated with voters is cost savings. Approximately $255,000, from this reorganization, could pay for 3-4 police officers.

I am firmly convinced the will of the people is behind a bi-partisan approach to a non-partisan issue. Many people believe true bi-partisanship is the direction we need to head. Sometimes, leadership requires risk.

Point Place Post Office

Councilwoman Webb presented a resolution to City Council, which was passed unanimously. With this resolution, City Council strongly recommended that both the Post Office on Summit Street and the mid-town branch on Dorr Street be kept open. At this point, we have learned that the Point Place branch will remain open. Lindsay applauds members of Point Place Business Association and other residents for making sure their voices were heard at the federal level.

The Toledo Waterways Initiative, under the supervision of the City of Toledo, Department of Public Utilities, hosted an open meeting in West Toledo to update neighbors on this program’s progress. This federally mandated program requires the City to reduce pollution of its waterways, including the Ottawa River, prior to it feeding into the Maumee Bay. Work is slated to begin later this year along Sylvania Avenue and in many West Toledo neighborhoods. Another neighborhood meeting will be announced before construction begins. For more information on the program, link to

Community Meetings this Week

* Support the Troops Rally - Wednesday,
September 9, 6pm, at Friendship Park on 131st Street.

* Community Design Meeting #1 for the new Longfellow Elementary School – Wednesday, September 9, 7pm, at the current school. The purpose of this meeting is to present site plans, floor plans and elevations of the new school.

* Community Meeting regarding Kroger on Manhattan – Thursday, September 10, 6:30pm, at Zablocki Senior Center, 3015 Lagrange.

Flood Insurance for Point Place Residents

In June, I informed you of some changes that will directly affect you and advised you of the June 24th meeting about this issue. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has completed a multi-year map project that shows properties as they are affected by various flood conditions. When the new maps are released in 2010, they will replace 30-year-old maps. Until then, preliminary maps have been released, but may not be used for insurance rating purposes or official documentation.

Residents in Point Place, north of 124th Street, are most likely to be affected by this possible change. They live in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) that can be inundated by a 100-year flood and stands a 1% chance of flooding each year, and therefore will require flood insurance.

I continue to work on a solution with our Federal Representatives to avoid the SFHA designation, but it’s very possible that these Point Place residents will need flood insurance. I must recommend that citizens investigate such flood insurance now, because it will save you money. Between now and the time the new maps are made official (sometime in early 2010), properties that will be included in a designated SFHA may be eligible for lower-cost, “grandfathered” insurance rates.

The City of Toledo continues to assist with this matter and will soon issue correspondence regarding some remedial steps we need to take.

If you wish further information about the City’s efforts, please call my assistant, Robert, at 419-245-1050.

Good News for United North / Lagrange Village

* United North CDC Earns Port Authority and City of Toledo $400,000 Grant from EPA for Brownfield Assessments
These dollars will allow approximately 300 acres of land located on the west bank of the Maumee River between the Veterans’ Glass City Memorial Skyway and Walnut Street and the Swan Creek Revitalization Area to be environmentally characterized. This is the first step in allowing that land to be redeveloped and compliments the work being done on the east bank of the Maumee River.
* Toledo Edison will upgrade 50-80 streetlamps to high-pressure sodium lights. This upgrade in the Lagrange Village should be completed by late fall.

Councilwoman Webb responds to Constituents’ concerns regarding possible sexually oriented business on Alexis Road

In July, I was made aware an application for a permit for a “nightclub” at 236 New Towne Square, but the neighbors are concerned that the owner may have other plans; namely the operation of a sexually oriented business. I believe location could adversely impact existing family friendly business.

The City has asked the owners to confirm in writing that they intend to open a “nightclub” only and we are waiting on their response. Until the City has this commitment in writing, it will not issue the necessary permits and the business may not legally operate. If the permit is issued for a “nightclub”, and it is later discovered that the location is operating as a sexually oriented business, the occupancy permit may be pulled and the operation shut down.

As I stated in a press release issued on July 30th, We believe the law is clear on this issue and the zoning code does not permit this use at this location. In Toledo, sexually oriented businesses may not locate within 500 feet of churches, schools, and daycares, or other use established specifically for the activities of minors.

I believe that the proximity of the 236 New Towne Square location to the family oriented business nearby makes the uses incompatible. Par 2 Golf Course, Toy-R-Us and Pesina’s Pool Hall are thriving businesses that have been ‘established specifically for the activities of minors’ and as such stand to be adversely impacted by this incompatible use.

Neighbors believe that the proliferation of sexually oriented business along Alexis Rd. will have a detrimental effect on the integrity of the surrounding neighborhoods.

The owners have confirmed, in writing, their intent to open as a sexually-oriented business. Councilwoman Webb has urged the Plan Commission to follow the law and deny the permit necessary to operate this type of business at this location.

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