Board of Community Relations calls on Kroger to not close store

Mr. Bruce Macaulay, President
Kroger Company, Ohio Division
4111 Executive Parkway
Westerville, OH 43081

Dear Mr. Macaulay:

The Toledo Board of Community Relations exists to promote, empower, and support citizens and neighborhoods to create social justice, equal opportunity, and a harmonious environment. We are writing this letter to express grave concern regarding the recent announced closing of the Toledo Manhattan Street Kroger Store and request that you reverse the decision to close the store.

Closing this location will decrease access to products and services like pharmacy and healthier food choices that are essential in maintaining a standard quality of life. Decreased quality of life will continue the trend of access and health disparities that are associated with moderate to low-income populations and seniors.

Kroger has a long-standing reputation for being a good Corporate Steward in our community and provides access to quality products and services at an economical price. In addition to creating jobs and generating revenue, Kroger, due to its stellar reputation, functions as a magnet store for other area retailers.

The community in North Toledo has experienced a growth in convenient and discount stores. The products sold in these stores are not equivalent to the quality brands that your store provides. The service area has a population of approximately 27,000 residents and is currently constructing a $5.3 million neighborhood revitalization project with 2 new schools and 16 new homes completed. The anticipated increase in revenues indicates more buying power which can positively affects sales at the Manhattan Kroger store.

We are pleased that you agreed to meet with the Lagrange Development Council to hear the community concerns to reverse the closing of the Manhattan Kroger Store. Along with other community constituents, we look forward to engaging in productive discussions to keep the Manhattan Kroger store open.


Jewell Lightner, Board President
Toledo Board of Community Relations
Cc: Mr. Bruce Umbleby, District Manager

Kroger Office
7545 Sylvania Ave.
Sylvania, OH 43560

Enclosure: Letter of support,
Toledo Lucas County Commission on Minority Health

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