University of Toledo calls off furlough plan over holidays

After making plans to shut down the university around the holidays, the University of Toledo now says it will not require unpaid furlough days of its employees this year.

The reversal occurs after a public outcry over what some call excessive administrative bonuses, but UT President Lloyd Jacobs said the change is because enrollment is higher than expected.

Great news...maybe the point system (being penalized for using earned sick leave) will be revisited too. Oh, that's right! Faculty don't get penalized for using their sick leave, just CWA union members.

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Airing dirty laundry while only telling a small part of the story makes you sound like a malcontent. Besides, what does the point system (flawed as it is) have to do with furloughs?


Good morning photodan. Please state what "dirty laundry" was "aired".

Until the lion writes his own story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter (African proverb)

Mrs Phoenix--your beef isn't with the administration, but your union...the CWA. Get with your leadership to work on that in your next contract.

While I am pleased as punch that I won't be furloughed this semester, it is still a possibility for spring! Put the party hats and streamers away!

Hey, Dan--I don't see you anymore now that I am in my new digs! And, I sorely miss the photo of the moment on the portal page! (Or maybe, I miss hassling you about it). ...

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