Would you vote for Marcy Kaptur if the election was held today

Yes - she is doing a fine job
40% (37 votes)
No - Anybody but her
60% (55 votes)
Total votes: 92
No votes yet

I haven't voted for "Mousie" for over 20-years.

Hooda Thunkit

That depends, who is she running against?

Pink Slip

Maybe Ed Emery will run again. He’s been one of the strongest candidates the Republicans have fielded against Marcy in years.

I'm holding out for divine intervention to bring Opal Covey into the race.


At this point, I think that even Muddy the Mud Hen could win Vs. Marcy.

But please, let's get someone that can articulate to run against her. I guess that wouldn't matter, though, because she doesn't debate anyone.

When the election comes up, please remember how Marcy ran and hid when it was time to have a meeting with the people she represented. Now that's a GREAT representative!

I know there are a few people on this site that disagree with Ms Kaptur stances. (although this in not the case in her district as a whole)

But let's be realistic. She typically gets at least 70% of the vote. As far as we know, no one is running against her. So statements like this:

"I think that even Muddy the Mud Hen could win Vs. Marcy"

...show that you have no real grasp of reality.

Pink Slip

If marcy's district as a whole had a "grasp of reality", she most certainly would not be in office.

Baldy, i just disagree.

To be fair, Marci visited the company I work at three days before I read she was in Poland for something else. She stopped by my cubicle and said hello and i asked her about cap and tax. The woman stood there and talked with me like there was no one else on the planet even when my boss was hurrying her to go. I might not have agreed with everything she said, but she hardly looked scared or hiding and she definitely did not avoid the question. i'll probably vote for her for the FIRST time for that effort. At least she was willing to explain. (Sorry Cris, I know you have it our for her too.)

Why will she not have a public meeting? Who is really running and hiding?

I think its great that you got to have a one on one chance with her. She should give that chance to everyone, not just places that she picks and chooses.

Also, just because she gives effort, should not equal a vote for her. If she is wrong on policy, she should go, regardless. Voting for her just because she made an effort to talk to you is akin to letting baggage handler fly the plane because he "made the effort".

Those two are the best thing to happen to Bedford Township, Michigan in years!

House sales are booming! Property values keep going up! And the people I talk to who are buying those houses are former Toledoans like myself!

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a