How To Decide Who To Vote For

Does anyone have links to the candidate's website?

I have just spent 6 hrs. researching a lot of the City Council candidates. I listened to some podcasts from WSPD, looked them up on ARIES, watched a couple of videos, and googled them. I could find very few websites for them.
I thought Constantine P Stamos was female, but from a myspace page, it turns out he's a male and learned nothing, other than his gender, about him.
I also found it curious that Ty Daniels lives in a house listed on ARIES as belonging to Tyrone Gorsuch.

I would appreciate any info you might have on any candidates. If you know any personally, maybe you would fill me in on what you think of them.

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These are the websites that I was able to find:










Toledo City Council elected not to increase the fee Toledoans pay for refuse collection by a vote of 6-5. Councilmen Joe McNamara, Wilma Brown, Phil Copeland, George Sarantou, and Steven Steel voted to increase the fee. Councilmen Tom Waniewski, Michael Collins, Lindsay Webb, Michael Ashford, Michael Craig, and Betty Shultz voted against the increase. Councilman Frank Solloszi was absent.

The fee would have increase the monthly rate that Toledans pay to have curbside refuse collection from $8.50 to $10.00 for those who do not recycle and from $1.00 a month to $7.00 a month for those who do. The program was also to create a rewards program for those who recycled that would have provided an average benefit of $240 per household.

This is election season, and the At-Large incumbents are running for reelection. Please take note that even in the midst of hard times, some council candidates want to put another burden on the taxpayers. Joe McNamara, Phil Copeland, George Sarantou, and Steven Steel are all running for City Council...and they all voted to increase the trash fee. In other words,they all want to burden the citizens of Toledo by taking more money out of the taxpayers pockets.

I encourage you NOT to vote for any current council members who are running for reelection....JOE MCNAMARA, PHIL COPELAND, GEORGE SARANTOU, AND STEVEN STEEL. That is of course unless you are happy with the way Toledo is, and you want things to remain the same. I also would NOT vote for ROB LUDEMAN or POLLY TAYLOR-GERKEN. Ludeman is a former council president, and we need to move Toledo forwards not backwards. Also Gerken...need I say more? I am tired of these politicians.

Before I even started looking at candiates, I crossed off all of who you mention.
Facebook does not count as a website in mybook. I can eliminate those people.
Thanks rebekah, that helps.

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