Upso FTW!

From the Toledo Blade:Toledoan Hostetler, 31, is one of six invited to design a premium 16-ounce bottle for Mountain Dew that debuts as a limited edition on 9/9/09. Silk screened on an aluminum vessel with a pry-off cap, Hostetler's design sports 10 eyes, each about two inches wide. The bottom eye is a closed line of lashes. In an abbreviated spiral climbing toward the cap, eyes open gradually until the topmost eye pops with an emerald iris the size of a quarter.

“The idea is that by the time you finish the bottle you're wide awake,” says Mr. Hostetler, whose contribution is attributed to UPSO, his creative moniker.


Congratulations! I personally prefer crab juice, but if I see your bottle at the store I'll pick one up.

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a good story allowing us to take a break from all of the political bickering going on.

much appreciated.
I just put up better shots of the bottle on my portfolio site:

Reminds me of a wrapped mummy though. Should do very well around Halloween!

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Just a thought, but wouldn't you need the open eyes at the bottom of the can? Just seems to me that it should correspond to the level of "dew" in the can.

the idea is the open eyes are closest to where the soda comes out. :)

Fair enough, good sir. Either way, congrats!


very cool

Nice work!
My son, who is really into drawing, thought your bottle was very cool.


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