Toledo City Council elected not to increase the fee Toledoans pay for refuse collection by a vote of 6-5. Councilmen Joe McNamara, Wilma Brown, Phil Copeland, George Sarantou, and Steven Steel voted to increase the fee. Councilmen Tom Waniewski, Michael Collins, Lindsay Webb, Michael Ashford, Michael Craig, and Betty Shultz voted against the increase. Councilman Frank Solloszi was absent.

The fee would have increase the monthly rate that Toledans pay to have curbside refuse collection from $8.50 to $10.00 for those who do not recycle and from $1.00 a month to $7.00 a month for those who do. The program was also to create a rewards program for those who recycled that would have provided an average benefit of $240 per household.

This is election season, and the At-Large incumbents are running for reelection. Please take note that even in the midst of hard times, some council candidates want to put another burden on the taxpayers. Joe McNamara, Phil Copeland, George Sarantou, and Steven Steel are all running for City Council...and they all voted to increase the trash fee. In other words,they all want to burden the citizens of Toledo by taking more money out of the taxpayers pockets.

I won't be voting for any of them. What about you?

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I hope people know about this and vote them out!!!!!!!

Good reporting rebekah.

Hopefully this will have an impact. I doubt it. But I hope it will.


Will campaign against them.

So glad to see the newest councilman who is in place with nary a vote being cast is already voting to increase our burden.

way to go council! and just watch, he'll get elected to stay where he is in the next election...

Once created, a tax or fee only grows.

This victory for us will be temporary. The fee (I call it the "Third Tax") will grow to $20/mo by 2012.

General fund = First Tax
3/4% fund = Second Tax
Trash fee = Third Tax

Many will refuse to pay, eventually. The city will just shrug and place liens on houses ... which being unsellable, will just become accounts receivable that will grow by leaps and bounds with late charges and interest. City accountants will just assign those as assets.

This problem will persist until the Toledo body politic WAKES UP and puts fiscal conservatives into office. And YES, that probably means REPUBLICANS. So ... suck it, Democrats! You're going to have to get over your allergy to Republicans.

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