Bob Latta makes the YouTube blog answering questions on healthcare

This was posted on 8/22 but worth mentioning. Latta got the chance to answer questions on healthcare from Internet users in the following video, which was moderated by YouTube. The official YouTube blog is a major blog with Feedburner reporting over 2 million readers. This is some great exposure for Latta.

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Some of the questions he doesn't answer, but dances around them. Other questions he answers from two totally different positions. And all these references of "God" have NOT been recently removed, but have been recently ADDED. Don't believe me? Then research it yourself and learn something,

I wouldn't mind religion so much if the born again type Christians didn't keep trying to push their extreme views on me. And when has religion mixing with government been a good idea? Just look at what goes on in the Middle East when they fight because they can't have everybody do THEIR religion.

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