Bill O'Reilly Compares MSNBC To The 'Toledo Mud Hens'

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Just when I thought I couldn't dislike him more....

That's terribly unfair to the Mud Hens.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

like an opportunity for the Mud Hens, in righteous indigation, to object and get some national press over the issue. Go Hens!

He says the Mud Hens are a AA team. Just another teevee loudmouth who spouts off w/out getting his facts straight. Let's boycott Fox Toledo (the bimbo station) and give their sports staff some well deserved harassment on Friday nights and at the ball park. Just shows that Fox's main man is anti-Toledo and by extension their local affiliate is too!

Corporate media in general is trash.

Pink Slip

Getting upset about this is stupid. He clearly knows little about the team. We should be honored he used us instead of the Durham Bulls (the second most recognized minor league team).


I'm with those who say that O'Reilly needs a bold and fresh correction.

Oh, the Toledo Mud Hens DO matter....

I hope Joe Napoli is working on something to show Bill just how much.

The Mud Hens should use this as an opportunity. They should offer him a chance to come out to the ball park and they can show them they matter. It could get some publicity for the team and get O'Reilly fans to come out to a game.

We could probably pull in people from Mich and Indiana for the game. It could be a boost to Toledo tourism.... I hate using fake terms like "Toledo tourism".


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