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At the age of 13, Opal Covey first heard the voice of God. Her unconditional faith led her down a path of prophetic ministry, a path that brought her to Toledo, Ohio. After having her businesses destroyed and being thrown out on the street, Opal heard the voice of God again - "You're going to be Mayor". This short documentary takes a sincere look at a woman on a mission from God, persecuted and forsaken, yet unfettered as she makes her third bid for the mayoral seat.


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Southern Ohio

After having her businesses destroyed and being thrown out on the street,

Find someone who'd been to her little pet shop of horrors and ask them what it was like...

I am not a believer of any religion, but I respect that others are, including Opal Covey. However, I have serious issues about anybody who uses their religion or their God to promote their politics, or to base their soapboxes on their religion. Opal seems to have gone overboard in that she claims to have a direct hot line to God who told her she'd be mayor & to put an amusement park in downtown Toledo. I can laugh at that, but I would think it'd enrage people of faith - her presumption that her God would find Toledo, Ohio & her political goals to be of such a high priority that he has personal conversations with her about these things. I guess I tend to think that IF there IS a God in Heaven & IF He does hear all prayers - then wouldn't He have his hands full with more pressing issues? LIke the dying people in Darfur? Or genocide, terrorism, abuse & torture around the country? How about the starving children in the world? Or the people dying of aids in Africa? Or the homeless? Or abused children & animals? Or the neglected animals from Opals very own pet shop years back? How can anybody claim to be Christian & speak with God & allow innocent animals to suffer at her hands?

I just think that Opal diminishes her religion & her God when she tells people that God told her personally to run for mayor of a little town called Toledo to build an amusement park. How incredibly arrogant & self righteous.

Starling02 makes an excellent point. Look at all other instances we know of historically where God or some spiritual image supposedly spoke to someone.

To Adam: Don't eat from the Tree of Knowledge or else...
To Adam and Eve: Nice work, nimrods. Now everything is screwed up for all time. Get the hell out. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.
To Noah--build a boat, and collect two of every animal. because I said so.
To Ezekiel: warn the Israelites.
To Moses: Go get the tablets for me and bring the message to the people.
On the Saintly level; Saints spoke to Joan of Arc and told her to take up the sword and fight.

Apparations of Mary in contemporary time are usually warnings that are to be carried to people who might return to the site of the apparation en masse.

In all of the narratives in which some divine force speaks through others, never do we see a promise of success, or any tranfer of divinity. Instead, the recipient of the message is told to do something, to carry a message humbly to the people. While Opal's message might be "we are sitting on a Gold mine," it is all about HER being mayor (the self-rightousness that Starling02 refers to).

If the God of her story is in keeping with the Gods of other stories, he would just tell her to spread a message for him or to do something--like start an amusement park on the river. Ranks right up there with building an arc and saving all creation.

If she really thinks that this city is sitting on a gold mine, she doesn't need to be mayor to start mining it.
She should develop a business plan, seek out investors, and work to buy the land she needs to make her dream come true.

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