Marcy Kaptur spends more time in Poland than she does with her electorate

One has to assume that maybe she is considering on running for office there. They have
a government more suited to her socialist ways.She does not like the uproar regarding Obama care.

Lets all remember her in 2010 and help send her Poland. I wouldn't mind the government give her a one way ticket to Poland.

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When will you Kaptur haters learn? Even getting caught with a dead boy or a live girl in bed won't get her out of office. I hate her guts now, too, but nothing short of death is going to get her out of office. She's our Kennedy. I've had to learn to deal with it and so do you.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

although I love the humor in your comment, I would have to say that by simply giving up and accepting the status quo is not how our founding fathers treated their dream of freedom and liberty... thank God!

Even though Kaptur has stopped even responding to me with her standard form letter I refuse to lay down and accept her actions. I would encourage you to talk to everyone you know about how ineffective Kaptur is at protecting our Constitution.

"how ineffective Kaptur is at protecting our Constitution"

This coming from someone who wants to hold a national referendum, which has no Constitutional basis.

Pink Slip

Wow, every time I think right wing pettiness has hit rock bottom, I’m amazed that they just reach for the pick axes and keep digging…

Maybe she's gonna run for office there?


Pinkslip you crack me up. You take one tiny little idea or suggestion (made over a week ago), and try to make that what I'm all about. btw, it was an alternate idea rather than just a critique. Ideas are things people come up with when they work to resolve problems. Do you ever any of those?

How about instead of trying to discredit people here on SB for having opinions, you try spending a little more time reading history on how people like Marcy Kaptur and her ilk (Progessive/Marxist/Socialist -whatever they are) have done to harm our Democratic Republic.

I do quite a bit a reading--rest assured. Here's an idea for ya---let's work together to get money out of politics. Let's ban contributions from corporations and unions to politicians. Money is NOT speech. Let's publicly finance campaigns. Then let's repeal the idea of corporate personhood.

Pink Slip

Sounds good to me. Does that include the dough coming from George Soros?

Yep, and Richard Mellon Scaife, Joseph Coors, Dick DeVos, Charles Koch, etc...

Pink Slip

what's the big deal with Marcy Kaptur visiting Poland and how is this 'harming our Democratic Republic?

'how people like Marcy Kaptur and her ilk (Progessive/Marxist/Socialist -whatever they are) have done to harm our Democratic Republic.'

Well PinkSlip, I'm glad that you agree with me about corruption.

I intend to vote against all incumbents next time. R or D. It doesn't matter what party they are. They are all gone. I admit that I've always leaned right and have tended to not pay as much attention to negative news on Republicans over the past 8 years. Those days are over. I think they all suck. They're all corrupt and elitist. None of them are in touch with real, everyday people like us anymore.

So when anyone here sees me pointing at one party more than another, I either need a reminder or I'm just picking on that one at that moment and might be back soon with another post about the other party.

BTW Pinkslip, I didn't recognize any of those names so I am now on Wiki researching.

Add "reverend moon" of the Washington times to your wiki list.

What is that supposed to mean?

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