Konop and Block: A path to decline

[From the Development News Editorial - 9-2009]
The upcoming Toledo mayoral election will determine if John Robinson Block, The Blade publisher and editor-in-chief, retains his dominant impact on direction and control of affairs in the city. Block needs an individual in the mayor’s office who will obey his direction. Lucas County Commissioner Ben Konop is a politician and mayoral candidate that offers the newspaper and Block a chance to increase their power and control.

Toledo has experienced significant job loss, and the City’s finances are in crisis. There are important new job creation opportunities for the City, but a number of problems have contributed to past development failures and the City’s financial woes.

At the heart of Toledo’s problems lies the issue of leadership. During the past 15 plus years, two individuals have had a dominant influence on the direction of the City. Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and Block have set an important part of the agenda and direction for Toledo during this period.

Block and Finkbeiner were instrumental in engineering Toledo’s change from a city manager form of governance to a strong mayor form of government. Block was not able to easily control a city manager, as this was not an elected position. A city manager did not need Block and The Blade to get reelected.

A strong mayor form of government gave Block a chance to find a politician that needed the daily paper to get elected and thus a political position that he has more of a chance to control. It is important to Block that an individual he is more easily able to control gets elected to the strong mayor position in the City of Toledo.

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Does anyone remember when Block announced at a speech (at UT, I believe) that he wanted to 'bring Toledo to it's knees'?

He said he wanted to make Toledo into a place where nobody wanted to live, and then build it back up again to his version of the shining city on the hill...

It was a few years back... Anyone remember that? Better yet, anyone have it recorded anywhere?

Seems like he's accomplished the first half of this dream.

He's nothing more than a ventriloquist who gets a new stooge to sit on his lap after each election.

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