Bill would give president emergency control of Internet

Just ran across this article, does this alarm anyone else?

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Too many Americans are ignorant and indifferent and won't realize what hit them when our Republic is history and fascist Europe takes advantage of our chaos and confusion and deals us the death blow.

Watch what you say or he will get you.......

If such an action were proposed when Bush 43, or any other Republican was President, you'd be applauding the action as necessary for "national security". And, you'd be excoriating anyone who was concerned about that tacky "Freedom of Speech" thing in that, what do you call it? that pesky Bill of Rights? that you neo-cons want to play so fast and loose with.

I am skeptical of any controls on the internet, no matter who is President! We do have a separation of powers. We do have a Congress and a Supreme Court. Take heart! I have full confidence that our system does and will work to protect your rights to spew your hatred of President Obama!

I spoke out against the Partiot Act, as did many other conservatives.

Where are the liberals that portested the Partiot Act, but are silent on this proposed legislation.

There, my friend, are your hypocrites!

I don't believe this is as tied to the Patriot Act as many in this thread believe.

I feel it's more closely tied to the gov't takeover of the television and radio airwaves which is something I am against.

Every arguement that can be made for the security aspect of the internet can be made for every other type of media in it's place. I don't feel the gov't has any place in the media be it radio, print, or web.


Well dale, there's another way to look at it. IF this had been proposed by Bush imagine how many would be freaking over it.
Remember the Patriot Act that so many democrats screamed about? 0bama did away with that didn't he? Oh, no I guess he didn't.
He was gonna get us out of Iraq and bring home all the troops......hmm, guess he didn't do that either.

He was gonna boot the lobbyists out of Washington.......hmm.

Yeah, change we can believe in, well there IS a different person living in the white house.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

In many ways, Obama has been Bush-like. So then conservatives should be happy with him, right?

Pink Slip

Most conservatives are not and were not happy with Bush43. Our Republican brothers made a bad choice. He was just a better choice then either Gore or Kerry.

As we were told by The Who nearly three decades ago, "Meet the new boss; same as the old boss."

"Most conservatives are not and were not happy with Bush43"

Then how do you explain this:

"Overall, 68 percent of Republicans approve of the job the president did, but partisan views on Bush are further split by ideology. Among conservative Republicans, he is a resounding success: 82 percent approve"

Pink Slip

Washington Post is biased.

What a totally ludicrous statement!

No one is universally admired; however, Bush 43 was ADORED by an overwhelming number of citizens who CALL THEMSELVES "conservative". Conservatives certainly preferred Bush 43 to Bush 41. Many even loved 43 more than they loved Reagan!!

Just because conservatives preferred Bush43 to Gore or Kerry doesn't mean that he was adored or loved.

Anyone who would let the government have control of the internet, Rep or Dem, Conservative or Liberal etc. is a fool. This needs to be shot down. Also, I agree Patriot Act should be eliminated. (I was never for it in the first place, thanks.)

No government should have powers such as this. Period.

Just to set the record straight, I was NOT hypocritical on this issue (maybe on others, but not on this one). I stated above that I am skeptical of ANY President trying to control the internet.

"I may not agree with what you say. But, I will defend with my life your right to say it!"

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