Who's In Charge At Camelot?


I'm concerned about something. Who will be in charge of the Kennedy franchise now? Will the family appoint one of the kids, or is it possible a non-Kennedy will get the job?

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That is union position.

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Well, that will probably mean Washington will appoint a successor, make them pay union dues, nationalize their assets, and give them the same health care plan they think they're going to give us. I see no reason to treat Kennedy, inc., any different than General Motors. IMO, the Clintons will make a move now.



Second time I've seen this "nm". What does it mean?

Pete, I have been wondering the same thing and it just hit me, I think it might mean "no message", they are saying what they needed to say in the subject line but maybe you have to post something in the comment box for it to go thru. Phew, that has been bugging me...

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Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

I don't know, but isn't it time to have a Kennedy leader who isn't a White Male? Family dynasties have been bastions of racisim for far too long, and it's time that changed.

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