Rats invade West Toledo


From WTVG-13.com:

The rodents surfaced about a month ago near Douglas Rd. and Berdan and seem to be hanging around.

Residents in parts of west Toledo are in an all-out battle with rats. The rodents surfaced about a month ago near Douglas Road and Berdan and they seem to be hanging around.

Al Baumgartner says, "The neighbors have been complaining. I've talked to a few of them and they've had troubles where they put out water for dogs and they look out and the rats are drinking the water for the dogs."

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They would make good pets for him.


My initial reaction was that Ben Konop found a new home for his election HQ...

During a heavy rain storm a few weeks ago I saw a giant ran coming out of the sewer over by Dussel and Reynolds by the car dealership. My wife and I thought it was a opossum at first it was so big.

where all the rats went. I am glad they moved on. Just allow your cats to run free, they will take care of the problem.

"trap them and send them to Carelton S Finkbeiner"

NO! Send them to Health chief David Grossman over at the County Health Department. He pulled off the county rat eradicators and added more people to the smoking police. This ridiculous figure of a man makes $140,000 a year and can't keep the rats down in the city. He'd rather spend the money on policing the bars for smokers. He's paid way too much for what he does and for his befuddled and irrational decisions.

The citizens of Toledo can't seem to control the elected rats, so what makes anyone think... ah, forget it. Look, if the government wants to control the rat population, just put a bounty on the rats. One or two dollars should do nicely.

Part two involves ordering the TPD to lay off the rat hunters. Let anyone who wants to hunt rats do so with .22 rifles or less - pellet guns, BB guns, slingshots, whatever. No license necessary.

Part three: Any a**hat caught shooting a cat or a dog gets an attitude adjustment with optional Taser training by the TPD. Why should the TPD miss out on some fun? Right?

Part four: All rats turned in for the bounty must be in one piece and must be dead. No recycling of rats!

Now it's a win-win for everyone. If results are unsatisfactory, just kick the bounty up to five dollars per rat.

For my part, I'm wondering how much HistoryMike would charge to rent out Eddie Haskel for a few days. I've still got my old BB gun (it's a Daisy!) and between the two of us I think we could do okay.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

We all pay to support the County Health Department and one of its tasks is to control rats. I think Grossman has his priorities out of whack if he wants to forget the rats and control the smokers. I'm all for instituting an open season on rats (and I've got a dandy German-made pellet gun:1000 fps), but Grossman has got to do his job. This guy makes $140K from the county, plus has a private practice that he probably makes another $150-$200K from.... he should be told to do his job or be FIRED. His sense of what's important is askew.

It takes alot of manpower and time to patrol the evil, "law-breaking" SMOKERS who are using a legal product in a private business.

You Ohioans get what you deserve. No smoking in bars, but rats running all over the city.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

the rats are confused with the new garbage pick up system so they don't know what neighborhood to go to on what day ? Now they are all stuck and running amuck in the Douglas-Berdan area.

".....None so blind as those that will not see. They have baffled their own consciences, and so they walk on in darkness.” ~~~Matthew Henry~~~


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