More support for a healthcare 'public option'

"Among the 1,000 Democrats, Republicans and independents surveyed on Aug. 12 and 13, 79 percent say they believe a federal government health insurance option should be available for people to buy." (more)

[edit] "...for those who can't afford or can't get private insurance."

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"...for those who can't afford or can't get private insurance"

You forgot to add that. That does not mean that people want that public option, when they already have a private insurance plan. Quit peddling misconstrued numbers.

There, I fixed it for you. It really doesn't change the meaning. You assumed it meant something different.

Pink Slip

It does change the meaning.


MikeyA the post was intended to indicate support for a public option. I never suggested that there broad support for everyone to buy into it. Baldy came to that assumption on his own.

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I couldn't afford to buy insurance for my family and myself if i had too. So count me in.

That means your sucking at the Gov teet right now?

Guys, the whole goal is to get enough people addicted to the drug that is "free" healthcare, "free services", etc. Once you have a little, then you want more.

It's not free, I get that. I pay my taxes. I'd even be willing to pay into an affordable plan, but in the private sector my family is uninsurable, at least at any rate that my wife and I could afford.

Remember a while back, when the City of Toledo implimented an Ambulance service run by the Fire Dept? They said they wanted to increase revenues and provide another option. How well did that turn out? Besides driving private companies out of the area and out of business, it is a huge burden on the City's budget. Weird.

If these people really wanted to make health care insurance affordable, they would loosen up the restrictions on private companies to provide it. By allowing competition across state lines, it would make companies reduce prices to attract more customers. Free markets, when correctly utilized, will always provide the best solution. More Government is NEVER the answer.

Remember in the 90’s when they deregulated the energy industry in Ohio? Over a decade later and how many choices do you have for power to your house? How many gas companies are low balling eachother for your business? The fact is, prices in states with deregulation have risen faster than those states that haven’t deregulated.

Remember in the 90’s when they deregulated cable? How many choices do you have now? How much has your bill dropped year over year with all the companies pouring into town trying to sell you cable?

Exactly… but I’m sure if we deregulate the health industry it will work out great.

So, you would rather jump the gun and go strait to the type of system that you are describing? You essentially just said that less choice will make for a worse system.

Don't you understand that a Gov funded system will be much, much worse than what we have now? The private companies will go out of business *if* the government option is put in place.

How do you "compete" with an organization that has no budget constraints to affect their bottom line? You can't. Then you are stuck with a "single payer" system where you no longer have any choices.

Choice over which doctor to visit? or choice over which insurance company to use?

I ask because I lived for a lot of years in Canada which has a government run health insurance system, and it was never an issue choosing which doctor I wanted. I could change from one GP to another just by making an appointment, I could go to another doctor to get a second opinion quite easily. Compare this to the US where even when you have insurance, you might find that the doctor you want to see won't accept your insurance because they have had trouble getting payment from that company in the past.

Or perhaps you are concerned that you will no longer be able to pick an insurer that will over charge you for the most basic coverage and then kick you off the plan once you get sick.

If you love Canada's system soo much, please go back.

I enjoy having my choice of what insurance I want, and how much of it I buy. That way, I don't end up paying for your insurance.

You DO pay for others' insurance. It's called the uninsured going to the ER. And everyone's premiums are higher because of it. Those premiums would be lower if the uninsured were suddenly covered and saw their docs before it was too late. (and if they were suddenly included in the risk pool)

Pink Slip

So original, so clever, and such an ingenious way to avoid addressing issues you can't answer. Oh I forgot, it is treasonous to suggest that the US could learn anything from another country.

Since your precious money is so important to you, Canada delivers generally the same level of treatment at half the cost. But of course you would rather pay twice as much as long as it went to ensuring that insurance companies can continue making obscene profits.

I'm following your argument, and I do admire socialized-medicine systems like the one Canada has.

However, I must press you for a link to the proof that health-insurance companies make "obscene profits". Do you have one?

Respectfully, I'd like to submit my own link:

Note well the industry rankings. No.77 for hospitals (3.6% avg profit) and No.86 for health-care plans (3.3% avg profit).

Do those profit margins seem "obscene" to you?

The issue with insurers is that they also make money on the back end ... where they invest your premium payment and try to make extra profit from it. It beats just having the cash sit around, after all. However, once the dotcom crash hit, a lot of insurers got too exposed to losses. Their greed was certainly a factor ... but it remained true that they were undermined. So they started to really raise rates to make up for it. Medical-malpractice insurers had REALLY underpriced their premiums, therefore they really socked it to doctors after that.

Even overlooking their greed and mishandling of investment funds, the insurers just aren't the big pigs you might think they are.

Note well I'm not being a friend of the insurers. They are largely crooks, as far as I'm concerned. They will do anything to turn down a claim. Combined with hospitals and clinics, it is my considered opinion that most medical billing in the nation is fraudulent. There isn't a real price; you get one price for Medicare, another for an insurance claim, and a third for paying cash. Why aren't these prices either the same, or within a reasonable fraction of each other? The only logical answer is FRAUD.

"The private companies will go out of business *if* the government option is put in place"

Just like all of the private schools that went out of business because of the public schools.

Pink Slip

The schools are run by the state, not the Federal Government.

Also, It seems that we are getting by without state run auto insurance.


How does the point pink-slip makes have anything to do with which level of government runs schools?

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