Campaign Sign Litter

We can tell it's election time in Toledo. Candidates' signs are everywhere. Many are very tastful, others are very disturbing. I see Mc Namara Steele, Sarantu, Green, Wilkowski, Moody, Collins, Konop Hill signs a lot and the placements are tasteful. Bell's campaign signs are sitting everywhere. Sometimes a sign is sitting on top of a sign. I'm guessing they bought too many signs and don't have enough locations, except for abandoned houses, vacant lots, lots of bars and right of ways. The worse case is when I observed two gigantic signs wrapped around a utility pole at Bancroft and Monroe streets. It immediately got my attention. With all the bad drivers out there what I need is another unnecessary distraction. How a candidate advertises tells me a lot about the candidate. If the candidate does it tasfully, I will listen to what he or she has to say so I can make an informed decision. If their methods aren't tastful, appear to be over-whelming, littered, not logical, or not organized it tells me that I need to be very careful with this candidate. If they are elected, the way they ran their campaign is the way they will run their office. Past Behavior predicts future behavior. In high school the most popular people got elected to offices. After a short time after the elections the student body ended-up replacing them with people who didn't have the name recognition, but were capable and competent. As we found out just recently, it's almost impossible to get a person out of office once they are elected. Us Toledoens need to get this election right this time. We have too much at stake.

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To add to that I think some of the sign placements violate the election laws.

I have witnessed the city of Toledo taking some campaign signs down. I was driving on Anthony Wayne Trail a few days ago, and while at a stop light, I noticed a city worker picking up signs and throwing them in the back of a city truck.

I believe that signs cannot be placed anywhere on city property.

Bell, Moody, Martinez, Steel, and McNamara all have signs everywhere!

While we are on this topic, I have been following the candidates closely, and I am concerned because many of these candidates we don't even hear from! Especially when it comes to the city council race. We see many signs, but that is it! I am concerned that this election will once again turn into a popularity contest. We don't need that. That is what got us into the mess that we are in.

I am still undecided who will get my vote for city council, but I have been impressed with Stephen Ward.

I impressed with Stephen Ward also and I plan to vote for him.

Agreed, whats really annoying is when they put the darn things in such a position that it blocks your view when pulling out of a street. Is it legal to put them along the right of way?

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

Yes, it is illegal to place the signs on right-of ways. It is also illegal to place signs so that the view of traffic is obscured. I hope no one has an accident because of sign placement.

There have been several times I have had to pull out nearly into the street due to large signs blocking the view of traffic.
I wonder who is actually placing these signs, the candidates or their volunteers. Either way, they need to do a better job for the safety of everyone!

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