Pickett Elementary should be closed down as a school.

The state's report card became public today, although the results have been in for quite some time. Congratulations are in order for Start High School, the students, teachers and the administrators.

What is very disturbing, is the fact that Pickett Elementary once again is in Academic Emergency. It is the only school in the district that has been in school improvement for 10 years. In other words it has been in either Academic Watch or Academic Emergency for 10 years and has not met AYP. That would be a decade of school failure.

Only 24.6% of the third graders passed reading, 28.8% of fourth graders passed reading and only 39.3 of the fifth graders passed reading.

Shame on TPS!

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about this school. They should shut it down and implement an Old West End Academy 2.

Wasn't there something called the No Child Left Behind Act, which specified a schedule for reforming (and even closing) schools that underperform? Why is Pickett still open? With 25% to 40% of the student body passing tests?

Fire all the staff immediately! Put out a request for proposals to have private educators bid on the school and then let them go at it on contracts of 1-2 years.

Don't shed any tears for the staff ... I'm sure they can be first in line with their "hot resumes" to work for the private educator. Being so capable and all, they shouldn't have much problem commanding a good salary. {eyes rolling}

don't understand is how they can close a charter school after not performing for three years and keep a school open that has a decade of failing grades.

The charter school's students come from TPS. Pickett is the only school (that I know of ) in the district that employs a laundromat to increase test scores and still did not increase the scores but the laundromat is still in service. Teachers should be teaching students not washng the student's clothing.

I don't get, it can you explain yourself Mr. Foley?

I have some understanding of the clothes-washing issue. The children arrive uncared-for from their parents. In addition, they have a history of being uncared for, which leads to a very unfortunate lack of potty training. Sending them home daily for accidents just doesn't work (although I would support such a policy). Hence: The washing machines. Something must be done to keep children in class and clean enough for such a public appearance.

Literally, we can't keep them sitting there in their own urine and feces. That need must overbear.

Like I've said before, if we EVER put cots in Pickett Elementary, a large fraction of the student body will just end up LIVING THERE. They just don't have real homes to go to. The teachers (for the wrong reasons) complain about that problem all the time.

Maybe making Pickett into a state-run orphanage would be the real solution.

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