The Pettition Process, Is It A Waste Of Time?

It appears that every time a controversal issue in Toledo appears it is stopped dead in its tracks because of some technicality about the petition process. The Take Back Toledo Recall issue is not going to be on the ballot and now the issue about traffic signals is not going to make it. Sound like the government should simplify the process so that it is more user-friendly to us citizens. This is beginning to sound like a conspiracy to undermine the citizens.

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They have a potential way of recovering here. Don't lose hope on this one. They have one way to go if they decide to take it. The clerk was right in his decision but they have options to recover.

Take for example if something controversial DOES get put to a vote.

Shiiiiiiiiit - if they dont like what we tell em, they just put it up again. and again. and againandagainandagain till finally the voters drop the ball, get tired of continually having to drag themselves to the voting booths and they slide their crap in on us.

Dont lose hope? In what? Mine's gone.




"This is beginning to sound like a conspiracy to undermine the citizens."

Of course it is. When you go to the BoE to apply for a petition, there should be a fully-compliant template ready for you to use. You merely have to fill in some blanks and then attach your bill text. Hence, the only thing that should be contended is the validity of any particular signature entry.

We lost control of the BoE a long time ago. Blackwell to his credit told us as much about 4 years ago. Being ruled by Democrat morons, we refused to listen.

Has nothing to do with the BOE.....nothing.

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