Polish Princess in Poland

She is traveling on our dime. She got out of Dodge because the heat was too hot on the Obama Health Plan. Hopefully, she will find some free time on her junket to read the Health Care Bill and will be able to talk intelligently about it when she returns. I won't hold my breath.

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Intelligence is not something that belongs in the same sentence as Marcy Kaptur.

"because the heat was too hot on the Obama Health Plan"

Yes, the heat is on to provide a public option--which is what most Americans want

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Fixed it for you...

Yes, the heat is on to RAM THROUGH a public option--which is what most Americans DO NOT want

Ram through? They've been trying to reform healthcare since the Truman administration

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but a public option should not be part of the mix. The health care system we currently have works fine. It's the cost which needs addressing. I do not need cradle to grave government care. Just let me keep my money and leave me alone to care of my own affairs!

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

That's interesting--because it's the public option that would actually keep costs down. The CBO estimated that a healthcare bill without a public option would cost $1 trillion over 10 years, but a bill with a public option would cost $600 billion over the same time period.

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$1 Trillion over 10 years? Wow you could fight in Iraq for like 5-8 years with a trillion dollars...

which is fine, because that's why they call it an.....ummmmm....'option.'

Jaysus H. Cryst, this is unbelieveable.

So if it wasn't being "Rammed through" why did they try to push it through before the recess?

If things aren't being "Rammed through" why did cap and trade get amendments added without time to read them before they vote?

The real reason the president's poll numbers are tanking isn't because of healthcare. It's because he promised a non-partisian transparent presidency and it's proving to not be that.

Good luck in 2010 and 2012.


They been talking about this for months. The President campaigned on it for years. There's been plenty of time to read the bill. And everyone knows, no matter what's in the bill, the GOP will be opposing it. They "ramming through" argument is a red herring.

Regarding the President's poll numbers--if you look closely, he's losing support among Democrats and liberals because of his perceived weakness on healthcare. The Dems will lose a ton of votes from liberals if they can't pass healthcare with a public option.

So I wouldn't mistake falling poll numbers as an endorsement of the GOP. The GOP's poll numbers are historically horrible. I heard someone say that the same percentage of Americans believe in witches, as the percentage of people that approve of the GOP.

Democrats will lose a lot of seats in 2010 unless they pass healthcare with a public option---I can't stress that enough.

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The drop in liberals and dems has not been significant. Plus that's only occured in the last two weeks.

His approval numbers with independents however has been dropping bad since May.

And no I don't use poll numbers to endorse the GOP. However I've been watching the head to head races at Pollster.com and swingstateproject.com (neither are "right wing or even Repub sites) and I haven't seen a poll favor the Dems since May. Even the polls where they win it's by slim majorities in very blue states such as California and Massachusetts.

The GOP will gain simply by the Dem implosion. This is for two reasons and none are from abandoning the public option. One is fiscal conservation the other is job losses.

If the Dems keep there outlook of "Well the GOP isn't gaining" into the next two elections they will lose the House and the Presidency. The Senate will end up at close to a 50-50 split.


"The drop in liberals and dems has not been significant"

We can disagree on how significant it really is, but I can tell you from conversations I've had and the reading I've done it plays a role in the numbers.

The drop in the independents' number have been larger, but let's remember--more independents are in favor of a public option as well. (50% vs 47% in recent poll)

I don't doubt the Dems will lose seats--I've said that before and history bears this out. It's just not for the reasons you think.

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Because I guessing that 50% aren't the independents in the red districts with Dem Congressmen.


Yeah, I get it--the Dems are going to lose seats. I've agreed ad nauseum. Simply trying to point out that many liberals are unhappy with the Democrats as well, and this will play a role in the 2010 elections unless they find their balls. I don't think liberals are going to circle the wagon around the Dems the way conservatives did with Bush.

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This graph from pollster doesn't support your claim.

yet this one does mine.


Come on Mikey, that poll clearly says "Democrats" not "liberals". There's a big difference.

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I will conceed that.

However, liberals are mostly in the Democratic party. When the Communist, Progressive, and Socialist parties get more than 1% of the vote of any election I will begin to post their poll results.


Which is more plausible? Marcy is in Poland a former socialist country picking the brains of ousted socialists or she is learning from those who were able to throw off the tyrannical chains of socialism in 1989? Either way, I don't think it's likely that she's there for the kielbasa, bagels perhaps.

All you people who keep thinking you're going to get ANY of the goodies you were promised-->are just setting yourselves up for more hurt feelings, when you finally figure out you've been played for suckers.

Dear Congreeswoman Kaptur,
I just received a form letter from you office about my concerns about raising the national debt. Of course, you never addressed the basic concern I wrote about - bails outs and health care. Regardless, your statement that "balancing our national budget... will be achieved by...allowing the Bush Administration's tax cuts, which disproportionatlly favored the highest 2% of income levels, to sunset..." This blatant, left-wing nonsense is one of the reason that you will not be returning to Washington in 2011. Congresswoman, perhaps the reason that it "disportionally" benefitted the top 2% of taxpayers is because they pay a hugely disporportionate amount of taxes!! Good grief, the top 1% of taxpayers in 2007 paid 40.4% of taxes collected!! I'd say that is a little disproportionate, wouldn't you? And BTW, they only earned 22% of the income earned. You have become a non-thinking automan for the leftists are are destroying this country. And why are you avoiding town hall meetings on healthcare? Afraid of the truth or the wrath of your constituents whose desires you refuse to represent? You are supposed to REPRESENT them and their wishes, not impose YOUR idology on them.

Tom Brown

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.-Ben Franklin

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