Are threats to Ben Konop a Hoax?

Yes - he is just trying to get sympathy after his embarrasing flag video
87% (79 votes)
No - Someone wants to cause him bodily harm
13% (12 votes)
Total votes: 91
No votes yet

Something like this:

1. Complete BS that only exists in BK's mind.
2. The threats were phoned in, but they are pranksters yanking Ben's chain.
3. Threats happen to public figures rather often, and Ben needs to get a thicker skin, since most anonymous threats are made by cowards.
4. The threats are real and credible, and Ben has a right to be nervous.

There should be some middle ground choices instead of all-or-nothing. Just my humble opinion.

Who can tell - the man's lied to the public before.

Plus look at the video of the so-called man with a knife who was screaming at him...

Note the law enforcement officer beside ben. If the guy was out of line why didnt the cop STANDING RIGHT THERE arrest him on the spot?