Foreigners loving "Cash for clunkers"

A top ten list for the highest selling cars via Cash for Clunkers has been released, and neither of the bailed out companies - GM or Chrysler - are on the list. Ford has the 3rd and 7th spots with the Focus and Escape, and the foreigners are stealing the rest of the Obamabucks. Of course, I have nothing against what we define as a "foreign auto," ( ) I just find it Ironic. Is the "Buy American" crowd upset?

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It's the result of badge engineering and it exemplifies why GM and Chrysler went bankrupt. It's a root cause in the absence of GM and Chrysler models in the top ten.

The Chevy Aveo is actually an imported Daewoo Kalos and is also sold as the Pontiac G3 with a slightly different option package. The Jeep Compass, Jeep Patriot, and Dodge Caliber are built at the same plant in Belvidere, Illinois and utilize the Mitsubishi GS platform. Besides being confusing, these are counted as separate sales.

Ford is guilty of badge engineering but the Focus is Ford's only compact car, so its sales numbers weren't cannibalized like GM and Chrysler models. Toyota, Honda, and Nissan avoided adding redundant product lines because their brand managers weren't the result of a backwoods coupling between siblings.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

I learned that in another post. Also, we didn't do as BAD as we thought we did. Isn't that something? I don't feel as worse off as I thought I would.

But with more GM and Chryslers on the road I guess the Cash for CLUNKERS will have a long and fruitful life.

Hey, remember when the Focus was the top selling car in that deal... you know... before all the data was turned in. Maybe we should stop keeping data on it.


I should watch what I say. I don't want my racism to get out. After all I wear my swastka's all over because I mistakenly though Bush was still president.


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