Suburban Water Rates

Suburbanites often complain about the water rates they have to pay to Toledo. But they add their own fees on top of Toledo's. What do they actually do for these extra fees that are often quite high?

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I can give you some perspective ...

The surburban areas which buy their water from Toledo and then resell it to their residents/service territory still have to maintain those lines of distribution. That money has to come from somewhere, it is logical that it come from those using the water lines. For example, Sylvania city resells Toledo water to Sylvania city residents but also some Sylvania township residents who are in the city's water district. It would be wrong for the city to pay for maintenance of the water lines and other portions of their water system with general revenue of the city since not all township residents contribute to that. So they have a surcharge to cover that cost.

It is my understanding that a government's water department can not make a profit and redirect that profit to the general fund. The water department can be subsidized by the general fund, but not the other way around. So these suburban entities are paying for their system by adding a surcharge on to the water rates Toledo charges them.

That's my understanding, but because Sylvania Township does not have a water system (our resident get either Sylvania City water or water from Toledo via an agreement that Lucas County has with Toledo), I could be off on some of the details.

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