Konop asks Youtube video be taken off Web

Konop asks Youtube video be taken off Web

A video posted on Youtube.com showing Toledo mayoral candidate Ben Konop "fighting" a heckler who falls and rolls on an American flag was removed from the site less than a day after it was posted. The video posted Wednesday at 4:08 p.m, was titled "Ben Konop Kicks the Nachos Out of Hecklers."

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Is back up on YouTube thanks to Maggie Thurber:


You're back, Paul. I thought your boss in Pittsburgh forbade you to post anymore after your excesses of a couple of years ago.

for the link Paul.

Being a county commissioner certainly must be easy after
seeing all the free time you have to make videos and run for mayor.

It's time for Benny to withdraw from the Mayoral race. He'll only take votes away for real candidates. Like Carty, he has made Toledo a National embarrassment. Just think, he's not even the mayor and he's getting these types of headlines. Let's tell Benji adios to thoughts to occupy the 22nd floor.

Wow, he wants to be mayor.

Grow up, Young Ben. Let the big boys be mayor and commissioner.

Truly, Boo Ben, Boo.

After watching this guy campaign, speak, and act the way he does-I actually think Phil Copeland is more intelligent, and would make a better mayor.

PUH-LEEZ!!! A flag hits the ground during a Ben Konop skit and Toledo media blows the event totally out of proportion. WNWO even airs a comment from a nimrod who calls himself "some dude from Bowling Green" . Wow, "dude" thought Ben made Toledo a laughing stock? Not even close...a local news station that makes "dude's" comment "news" makes this town a laughing stock - way to go WNWO!! I personally believe Ben would make a fine mayor - definitely has more to offer than Carty...we still haven't gotten over the "Hollywood of the midwest" debacle!

I've got to agree with Susanb that this has been blown out of proportion by both the media and Konop.

Konop didn't drag the flag to the ground; the "actor" (and I use that term loosely) playing the heckler did.

Yes, he appeared in a sketch (again, using the term loosely) in which the flag was tangled up in someone's legs, hit the ground, and was left in a ball while the camera kept rolling.

I don't think it is anything to drop out of the mayoral race over. He apologized for taking part, even though the flag drag wasn't scripted.
On the other hand, I would like to hear his motivation for participating. Was this aiming to garner the young vote?
That was bad writing, bad acting, etc. etc.. etc...just stupid. I have to remind myself that he is 33.

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