David Dock Treese launches new financial blog

There is a new financial blog for those of you interested.
Toledo-based investment advisor Dock David Treece has recently launched an independent blogging site for providing readers with valuable insight on financial markets and the economy, complete with occasional political commentary. Dock David is a registered investment advisor and works with his father, Dock, at Treece Investment Advisory Corp. He has a Bachelors degree in Finance from the University of Miami and has worked under the
direction of his father for more than five years. He has been a freelance writer for the Toledo Free Press for the last year, after joining the family firm in June of 2008. You can find his blog at http://treeceblog.blogspot.com.

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Dock Treece tells WSPD about the Bernie Madoffs among us http://a1135.g.akamai.net/f/1135/18227/1h/cchannel.download.akamai.com/1...
If the best and brightest among us where scammed by Bernie Madoff how can the average Joe be protected from these small time thieves. I think asking seniors to do research on these professional scammers is worthless advice, give specifics Dock. FINRA & the SEC never caught Madoff even when given complaints about them. I think those that are honest advisers should demand more government over site because I know that I don't trust the small guys and listening to your response Dock you too are worried by these developments.

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