Is this a way to treat the United States flag?

Clips from the original video:

I saw this on Thurber's Thoughts under the post "Konop tramples the U.S. Flag"

Updates 8/13:
Ben Konop apologizes for spoof video:

Konop apologizes for flag falling on the ground in video: UPDATE with link to video

Konop asks Youtube video be taken off Web

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personally I think it was an extremely stupid move for Konop, but face it... he has no chance and is grasping for straws at the moment. any press is good press right?

I don't think Benny puposely set out to disrespect the U.S. Flag, I do think this shows his inability to think in a responsible manner. Shades of Carty are all over Benny. Kicking a baby stroller?

I have tried from TT, and my own Facebook page where I posted it but get the same message:

This video has been removed by the user"

I should have downloaded it. :(

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

I had little opinion about Ben Konop before watching this opinion beyond the fact that he seemed earnest and fairly bright. However, for a politican campaigning for the top job of a mid-sized American city, this seems ill-conceived and puerile.

I'm not sure I would have even laughed if 15-year-olds created this video, but that is about the level of humor here. It is puzzling that Ben Konop would have agreed to this, and this says something about his judgment and maturity.

I cannot believe Ben Konop would engage himself in something so childish.

Whatever his intent, I do not think this video is appropriate.

And now FOX News and the Toledo Blade is showing a portion of the video, and Konop is holding a press conference to explain himself.

According to Fox News, Konop said that he did not see the video before it hit YouTube, and that he is sick to his stomach that the American Flag hit the ground.

Now the issue I have is this:

WHY, WHY, WHY would Konop even engage himself in the filming of such a video? Regardless of having the video taken off of YouTube, Ben Konop should not have did this from the start!

And he had the nerve to say at his press conference that he doesn't believe this will hurt his campaign!

This is simply embarrassing!

genie back in the bottle.

Ben said he did not know it was there. He obviously did. Why is he apologizing for it now. Why not being proactive and not allowing it at all?

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