The Power of the Press: The Case of the Toledo Blade (1959)

I came across an old journal article that SB readers might find interesting. I hyperlinked the PDF document that I saved, and you can click to read the whole article.

Here is an excerpt:

"Although Publisher Paul Block Jr. (who also owns the only other newspaper in town, the morning Times) would win no popularity contest in Toledo, the Blade is by all odds the most potent force in Toledo. It certainly does not run the city in arbitrary, single-handed fashion. No newspaper could. But it wields immense influence. It has made, broken, or chastened many a politician. It has pushed through or blocked many a public policy. When it gives the word and applies the heat, Council is normally quick to respond. When it adopts a Sphinx-like pose, Council squirms uneasily."

Citation information:

Christenson, Reo M. "The Power of the Press: The Case of `The Toledo Blade.'"
Midwest Journal of Political Science, Vol. 3, No. 3 (Aug., 1959), pp. 227-240.

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You could put a myriad of numbers in there. But I sense things are changing. This political science paper is a nice find.

...for digging this up and sharing it. Remarkable insight by the author...I just didn't realize this stuff had been going on for so long.

Thanks for putting this out here, Mike. Even though the report is fifty years old, it still applies and just shows that The Blade hasn't changed its MO since then. Some things never change... must be Block genetics.

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