Grocery shopping with City of Toledo vehicles

Grocery shopping with City of Toledo vehicles

2 weeks ago, I went to Costco to pick up some groceries. At the same time I arrived (around 6:15 p.m.), I noticed a city truck also arrived at the store. Interested what a city truck was doing at the store, I followed the presumed City of Toledo employee into the store. This particular employee was in no rush inside the store. He took his time checking out patio furniture and other items. He even tested some of the furniture out by sitting on them and even spent time checking out the in the foyer area of the store. After spending time looking around, he then ended up getting several cases of different soda products and left. So, the next day I sent the Mayor's office an e-mail asing what the policy was about employees shopping with city vehicles and I have received NO response. The vehicle was a Public Service/Fleet and Facilities Department vehicle and I specifically asked about that department wanting to learn more what the policies were. Given the City of Toledo does not care to respond to a simple question by e-mail, I am posting what I saw here. What do you think about city workers shopping using city vehicles?

Hanging out and being like the rest of us riff raft.

Big deal. I know of a county employee who goes home pulls his county truck into his garage and hangs out at home half the day.

I'd report it but Gerken would just cover for him.


don't some city employees actually take their city cars home at night?

also... my friend drives a company van all day and on his lunch hour of course attends to personal business (ie: going to lunch, dropping off mail at the post offices ETC) all the while using the company van.

I think it's pretty common for company employees to use cars for personal time. Personally I don't really see an issue for employees of any company (city or otherwise) to run a small amount of errands on company time. We all know everyone does it. Its one of the few perks some people get in life. :)

As long as they are getting their work done, I think this is really the least of our worries, and a super petty thing to be harping on.

the City had two weeks to answer a simple policy question. There was no response. So I or you can't be corrected :)

But with the City crying for money, this does raise some questions on how much they should be doing with City vehicles.

but how much is this really costing the city outside of what they are already budgeting for city employees driving city cars? ¢50?
Carty's flower plantings alone costs us soooooo much more

I wouldnt worry about this and instead focus your attention on all of the incredibly obvious and easy to research problems going on in our local government instead of this petty city worker exposé...

I see firemen shopping at Krogers all the time (every day) - firetruck standing in the ready outside. But I can't compare firemen shopping for dinner to your guy at Cosco. My dad was a Toledo fireman & I know that they always shop for dinner everyday. I just always wondered why they couldn't send one guy in a car to shop though - unless they really can't risk being even one man short. I assume this is the reason. At any rate - I have great respect for firemen, so this is not an issue for me at all (their truck is ready to go, they'd drop their taco makings & run if they had to).

I think its BS. I hope that you stick with your inquiries until you get a proper response.

Maybe see if one of the news channels would help put some pressure on them?

The other day on the radio I heard Fred talking about seeing a city truck parked and idling with three workers in it sleeping...

aside from sleeping on the job, isnt there also an ordinance out there about idling city vehicles?

ah, the things you see when you dont have a camera...

There is a City Vehichle parked at the Downtown Latte everyday between 11AM and 2:00 PM.