Children of Liberty - Health care and patients rights

We are hosting a screening of "End of Patients' Rights" produced by Conservatives for Patients' rights. This video shows what the ramifcations have been on England and Canada and what we can expect if we have a change of course. This will help you let people know WHY this legilation should be opposed and help with talking points. In addition to the video,
In addition to the video, Dr. Jack Hasley with be with us to present some other great perspective about how to offer some 'desirable solutions that address the actual problems rather than just scream "NO!"' Dr. Hasley is a member of the Children of Liberty and has graciously offered to speak to us.

Until the vote happens, discussions on healthcare are a priority. We will also leave time to talk about our rally and other housekeeping information.

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Corporate propaganda films....excellent. Who is bringing the popcorn?

Pink Slip

Pink, maybe we should get bunch of people down there and just start screaming ever time someone tries to say something.

Not really my thing, but apparently it’s how you talk about health care these days.

I dunno....I done hear that England & Canada stuff people into suicide booths once they hit 50. Heard it on Glenn Beck. Sarah Palin confirmed it.

Pink Slip

I heard that too...just ask Steven Hawkings.

Just be clear of the difference between Canada and England...

Gathering of the mindless. And in a PUBLIC library no less! I thought these people hated socialism. Surely one of them has a bunker that would be more accommodating to crazy.

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