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"Obama: 'UPS and FEDEX are doing fine. It's the Post Office that is always having problems...' "...DUH!

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I hear people bashing the USPS all the time, and have no idea why that is. I mail a lot of packages & have been for almost 9 years, and I"ve never had a problem. I"ve never had them lose a package or letter, my mail is always promptly delivered - sometimes in horrific weather. And our country has the cheapest postage anywhere in the world I think. Sometimes I think people just like something to whine about.

Do you remember the reasons the term "going Postal" came about?

Sound like a good example of Private sector vs Government run anything. How many time has the price of a stamp gone up in the past. Constantly rising cost to support a government run Bureaucracy. The proposed health care is the biggest bait and switch ever.

While conservatives love to bash the USPS, they do a pretty nice job. I can put and envelope in the mail box at my home with a 44 cent stamp on it and it can get delivered to rural South Dakota in a couple of days.

If you look at the price increase of stamps, they have gone up less then rate of inflation. In 1991 a stamp cost 29 cents. 18 years later the cost of a stamp is 44 cents. That beats inflation by a few cents. How much has gasoline gone up in the last 18 years?

Lastly how much have both FedEx and UPS raised their rates in the last few years? I’d include DHL in there, but they went out of business for the most part.

I know UPS raised their rate by about 6% percent this year and they just raised their fuel surcharge another percentage point last week.

Then there is FedEx –

FedEx today announced that it will increase its FedEx Express and FedEx Ground standard list rates, effective January 5, 2009.
The announced rate increase for FedEx Express is 6.9%, less a 2% reduction in the fuel surcharge, to yield a net increase of 4.9%. Recent history shows us that in 2006, the announced net increase was 3.5%, in 2007 it was 3.5%, while last year it jumped to 4.9%, the same as this year’s announced net increase. However, the actual increase in standard list rates for select weight levels can vary from 2.0% up to 9.5% depending on service level and the weight/zone combination.

Specific rate increases for FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery were not immediately available.
On January 1, 2009, FedEx will re-index its fuel surcharge, which may provide temporary rate relief. Yet as the price of fuel rises, the surcharges will continue to increase as well; on top of the standard list rate increase.

I've known a couple of folks who worked for the USPS, both say they are under a ton of pressure from their management.

I'm not at all surprise that the USPS is losing money. It's just technology, years ago you mailed all your bills, etc. Now you pay them online.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

UPS and Fed Ex have a slightly different demographic than USPS. For instance, I won't send a postcard through UPS. Likewise I won't mail anything of value.

UPS guarantees everything they deliver (I'm not 100% about FedEx) USPS does not. For this reason alone the demographic changes.

Besides sending packages is not as complicated as surgeries and physical therapy. I deal with all of those on an every day basis and I'd love to have a day free of medical issues on my desk. Packages and transport management take up less of my time (even though it's more of my job).


For a small extra fee (very small) you CAN insure, guarantee & track delivery of anything sent by USPS. And even adding on that small extra fee, it is STILL less expensive than Fed Ex or UPS to send the same thing. I mail a lot of packages & check rates back & forth & USPS is always cheaper. I think for delivery confirmation (with tracking) there's an extra charge of something like $1.60, maybe a bit less. The thing is, some people expect the perks of tracking for the cost of a 44 cent stamp - Fed Ex & UPS would NEVER ship for that little bit of money, even without tracking.

Our country still has the cheapest postage of anywhere in the world - you want to gripe? Check out the international rates at USPS - see what the rest of the world has to pay to send the same packages.

Going postal - I assume it's from the stress & monotony & management issues. Some carriers are overwhelmed due to lay offs & having to take on much bigger loads. When the goof started shooting at Jeep - he was not a postal worker, just stressed & had his own issues. IF the nutcase works at USPS, they call it going postal.

I've seen both FedEx employees and USPS employess.

I will still never mail anything of value through the postal system. The only part of the US mail I do trust is registered mail for obvious reasons.


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