Toledo would-be politician makes cable clip show

Yep, our own Ben Konop's Boo Ben Boo clip has made it to the latest episode of "Web Soup" a clip show spinoff of Comedy Central's popular "The Soup" hosted by Joel McCale. Where The Soup is a clip show highlighting goofy things that make it to the TV, Web Soup is all about clips that go viral on the 'net. Which, IMHO, is the perfect venue for Toledo politics.

You can view Web Soup locally on channel 222. Check your local guide.

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I'm sorry I missed it.

I have been hoping it would show up on Tosh 2.0 another web clip show. I was thinking Ben could be a part of the "web redemption" which could be almost as funny as the guy who mentioned abortions in his best-man speech.


You know how cable TV is, the FIRST episode was shown last night, but they will air it several times again before next sunday's new episode.

Just go out there and look at the guide for channel 222 (or if you have a DVR, just set it up...)

Dont hold me to this, but I do believe if you tune in tonight at 830pm you'll catch it....

I'll set up the DVR but I don't think I'll need to. it'll be on at 530 for me as I'm now 3 hours behind you. That's about when I get home most days.


More than you or that idiot jr over at TT. You are still a KNUCKLEHEAD Billy!

Quality post Sarge. Why didn't you just resort to whose fathers could beat the other?


Keep it productive please.

All one needs to do is look at your own words to see what a bi-polar mental case you are.

Konop is nothing but a grandstander
posted by Harley on May 09, 2009 at 11:50:35 am #

Back to the trailer park, genius, I hear it's craft day. Go make yourself an ashtray.

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