Opal Covey For Mayor

If Toledoans are sick and tired of the same old thing when it comes to mayoral politics it is no wonder. For too many years we have had the same old good old boy candidates thrown at us. We have had Carty for twelve of the last sixteen years as mayor. Now we are finally going to be rid of him but who will replace him? Konop? Wilkowski? Bell? Collins? Moody? All of the names mentioned so far are represenatives of the powers that be in Toledo. Konop's old man is a prominent attorney. Wilkowski is another Democratic machine fixture. Bell is an Obama clone who is connected with the firefighters unions through his past jobs as Toledo's fire chief and Ohio state fire marshal. Collins ex-police union head who couldn't stand to see a crooked cop fired. Moody is the founder of Flex realty who has harmed more neighborhoods with his buying and selling of property than probably any person in the history of Toledo. Toledo has just one candidate who is not part of the system that has ruined Toledo. One candidate The Blade and the local news channels choose to ignore. One candidate who really cares about this city and not the lining of her own pockets. That one candidate is Opal Covey. She is honest, decent and upright. Opal can and will be the greatest mayor Toledo has ever had. Vote for Opal Covey!

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And direct answers, please, since you have claimed to be her campaign manager:

1. What are Opal Covey's qualifications?
2. What is her agenda?
3. When she gets prophecies from God, do we still need council to vote, or does the Word of the Almighty automatically trump any council actions?

Sarge aka harley's postings from Toledo talk - as always, his own words indict him:




But then after he put all those pro opal posts out there, he posts THIS, which I believe is the reason he got kicked off of Toledo Talk.

"I have to be honest about thwhole thing. To me it does not matter who wins the mayoral race this year. Moody is a crooked realtor, Wilkowski is another shyster lawyer, Bell is an Obama clone, Konop is nothing but a grandstander, we all know what Carty is and Opal is a far out NUT. Yes that's right I said she is a NUT. There is no way that I could vote for any of these people who are currently or will soon be running for mayor. All the posts I have made in the past supporting Opal for mayor I want to distance myself from. Why I ever thought for a minute she is a credible candidate for mayor I cannot explain. It must have been the cold winter weather was getting to me when I first came up with that crazy idea. At this point in the Toledo mayoral race I just don't give a damn which one of them wins because none of them is fit to hold the office.
posted by Harley on May 09, 2009 at 11:50:35 am #

Sarge/Harley is as fruity as Opal is. They might even be one in the same. Back to the trailer park with you, Scooter.

Are still a knucklehead!!! Go back to TT and cry to jr. Opal Covey can do more for Toledo than the last dozen mayors combined. Just because she has never been elected to office means nothing. As a matter of fact it makes her more qualified to be mayor. Had George Washington ever been elected to political office before the presidency? No. Washington set the standard for what a president should be. Opal Covey will do the same for Toledo. All mayors who serve after Opal's terms are up will have to live up to her standard of governing.

The last thing Toledo needs, is a religious fanatic who claims God is telling her to run for mayor & to build an amusement park downtown (one would think , that IF there IS a God in Heaven, he'd be focusing his attention on more important issues - like the dying people in Darfur, genicide, disaster victims who prayed their whole lives & are still praying for their loved ones, children with horrible diseases, starving people in places crops won't grow, dying people in places that disease has overwhelmed entire communnites ending in death to most who get the diseases, the toilet paper shortage in Cuba ---- I could go on & on & on. I always have to laugh at the self important people of countries (ours included) who really believe that God is looking out for US (to the exclusion of other, more needy countries & people).

No religious rants here - not the point of my post. I have yet to see any of Opal's qualifications - other than she's got a hot line directly to God. It's also tricky to use religion to get elected - lots of different religions & beliefs & they do not all believe in Opal's God or beliefs. I tend to believe that religion has no place in government or politics, and Opal is very verbal about her discussions with God. I also have serious issues about how Opal neglected care of all those animals years back - to me, that was animal cruelty & I can't stomach anybody who is capable of that.

I hear someone told God that Opal said he wanted her to run for Mayor.

God said she's "nucking futs"!

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

at least does not have ties to all the unions that currently own those elected in this town, nor does she have ties to John Robinson Block.
Our choices IMHO are all pretty darn lame.

I don't have ties with those unions either, and I would make a horrible mayor. Not having ties with the unions is not qualification enough. I've come to the conclusion long ago, that even the most pure of heart politico wanna be, will end up being caught up in the need to climb that ladder higher, make more money, and dabble in hallway handshakes to work deals Somehow, they all seem to end up corrupt, caught in a scandal, greediness, power mad, etc.

I don't know enough about any of the candidates, and I hold no ill will against Opal (except for the animal cruelty charges - so many sad animals suffered due to her). But she's probably the least qualified of any of them. Unless people see what her actual qualifications are, they aren't likely to think she is qualified . Just having a love & passion for the town you live in, is not enough. Just knowing what the basic problems & issues are, is not enough. Whoever is mayor should (I assume) have some kind of head for business (running a city is, a business in a sense), to know the basic in's & out's of how it all works, and to be able to not make Toledo look more like the laughing stock it's become.

You are tired of greedy politicians ruining this town. If what the citizens of Toledo want is four more years of greed and self-interest then vote for one of the other candidates.

I'd take fifty years of Carty before I'd take one of Covey.

Hell I'd take ten years of Ford before I'd take one of Covey.


George Washington was a pretty smart man - informed. Can Opal say the same? What are her educational qualifications? High school diploma? Business school? College? Personal experience?
I dont think that the perfect choise for mayor needs to have held a prior office or hold a BA or Ma degree. But we really don't know much about Opal at all (at least I don't) - other than she's got a Direct Link To God who wants her to put an amusement park in downtown Toledo, and that she used to have a small store (on the east side I think) , and had far too many animals she wasn't able to take care of, who suffered because of that - be it neglect or resources. And she drives around in her Opal mobile that has sloppy hand painted lettering. (It's the details that speak volumnes).

What is Opal's plan for Toledo besides building an amusement park? What's her vision? For schools & business? What's her plan to entice businesses to want to come to Toledo to bring jobs here? What is her plan to reduce the deficit of Toledo - to cut corners to reduce it? Does she plan to hire back cops & if so, how does she intend to pay for them? What's her plan to get a handle on gang activity? I'm sure other, smarter people have better questions.

My point is simply, that if Opal is serious about running for mayor, she needs to be able to have solid answers - to know what she's talking about, to know what the problems are & have an idea of how to solve them perhaps. Just saying 'vote for Opal if you're sick of corrupt crooked politicians" is not a reason to vote for a mayor. That sounds more like Jr.High students running for class president.

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