Councilman Tom Waniewski's August 2009 Newsletter

A Nuisance or Not
In accordance with TMC. 1726, parking on the grass on your front, back, or side yard is a nuisance and a ticket will be issued. Failure to move the vehicle or trailer or equipment parked on the grass will result in the vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense. Furthermore, any type of vehicle or machinery or trailer that is not street worthy, for example flat tires, broken windows, no motor, no license plate or an expired license plate is considered a nuisance violation regardless of where it is parked on the property if it is not in a covered building. If you have questions, please contact my office.

Secor Armory Zone Change
Toledo City Council passed unanimously a zone change for the old armory on Secor Rd. north of Sylvania Ave. Only the zoning of the armory itself was changed from a residential designation to "commercial office." The code is very specific for what can go into property zoned CO. Buyers want to establish a medical office building and said at a recent public meeting I held that they will clean up the area behind the armory, too. Up to now that area has been used by the city to dump leaves and store automated refuse cans.

Automated Meters
I was notified by Columbia Gas of Ohio that they will be installing automated meter reading devices over the next several months in the district. Tru-Check is the contractor making the installation. You will receive a postcard from Columbia Gas with installation details. That postcard will contain contact information if you have any questions about the installation. Installation should last about 20 minutes.

Noisy Students?
I have been working with the University of Toledo to stem unruly students living in the neighborhoods around campus. I was a college student a long time ago, and enjoyed my nights out with friends. But loong, loud parties in the middle of a residential neighborhood is troubling. If you rent to students, or live near a home rented to students, or know of someone who does, UT has packets available that hang on a door knob that explain the laws the student renters must abide by. Contact my office if you would like one of these packets.

Senior Corner
The Area Office on Aging has some great information for seniors. Periodically in these newsletters, I will try to list contact information that is beneficial to all residents, but especially seniors. Here's the first:

If you'd like to reduce the amount of unwanted mail you receive from national catalog and marketing companies, contact:
Mail Preference Service
1120 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036
(212)768-7277 ext 1500

(Thanks, Sam, for passing on the senior information.)

Report a Nuisance
If people are truly violating nuisance laws, that doesn't benefit a great city like Toledo. I posted this link in an earlier newsletter and have received many good comments. This link will take you to the city site for reporting a nuisance. As always, love thy neighbor....

City's SAP System
Although slightly behind on their implementation schedule, programmers say they will make up ground so the city's new computer system can be up and running as scheduled January 2010. The new system received favorable reviews from city workers who have to use it in a recent email survey. SAP is a program that should help provide real-time finance data including accounts payable and receivable.

BP's New Pipeline
Recently, officials from the BP refinery buried 1,500 feet of new pipeline that will carry processed crude to a distribution station in south Toledo. The new line was assembled and buried near Douglas and Berdan. I met with BP officials recently to learn more of their plans. Did you know that BP is estimating that about 2 billion people in third-world countries will be using electricity for the first time? Petroleum is used to generate electricity.

Last Bookworm Wednesday
Wednesday, August 12th is Westfield Franklin Park's last Bookworm Wednesday for the summer. It starts at 10 a.m. and is a great way to engage you children to read. You can find out more information here.

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