McNamara proposes a Recycling bank...and a higher trash tax

Council president Joe McNamara proopsed increasing the trash fee and partnering with Recycle Bank.

The proposal would reward us in points for every pound recycled. These points would be awarded in the form of gift certificates or vouchers that we can exchange for product.

According to 13-ABC News, the regional sales manager of Recycle Bank. said "The average recycler will earn $240 a year in savings. Our maximum recyclers are earning about $540 a year in savings."

Of course it costs money to make money, and we'd pay on the administrative end. The proposal calls for an across the board $5 hike in the trash fee from to $10 a month for people who don't recycle, and those who do recycle would pay $7 a month .

I find the $240 figure/family a REALLY tough sell. Our extended family saves and recycle aluminum cans and we use the money to help offset the cost of family reunions. Five years ago we could almost $1 a pound for it. This year, we took in over a hundred pounds of cans and got $25. The price is .24 a pound. The MORE people recycle, the lower the price will go.

Second, how do they keep track to the credits? Will there be an attachment to the one-armed garbage truck that weighs my recyclables? How will I know that it is accurate? Will the County Auditor calibrate and vouch for the scales? Or will I have to take my recyclables offsite?

13 ABC story with quotes from Councilmen:

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I am a single person household with very little in the way of recyclables or trash. I eat out most if the time. Looks like I will end up paying more because I have less.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

I predicted this. They will tax and fee us TO DEATH.

This particular sort of scam is just configured to mislead people into thinking they won't be charged. They are deceived into thinking the numbers will work out for them. Naturally, the assumptions made by the ruling class are overblown and few people will end up not being screwed by this.

For $10/mo, I want OUT of this garbage service. I put out my single can once a month. I don't make that much garbage; what I do make can either be compressed or burned. So this is just another tax on me to get the city more revenue that it can waste on a unionized labor retirement fund and other such pointless shyt.

According to the company's website you use their can which contains a microchip with your info embedded. Many of the "coupons" appear to be percent-off variety, or save $X when you spend $x. One was a $10 off a $500 jewelry purchase. Very nice. In order to get any real savings you would have to max recycle and then use every coupon you get to it's full potential.
The city already loses money on recycling according to Bill Franklin who told me at a meeting that we now pay someone to haul it away instead of getting paid for selling it to someone.

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just a way to not make Joe feel bad for raising taxes. We cook a lot and don't have much waste so we would be punished.

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