For Immediate Release: Open Letter to Representative Kaptur

An Open Letter to
Representative Marcy Kaptur,
9th Congressional District of Ohio

Dear Ms. Kaptur,
It is with deep respect for the Constitution of the United States and the legislative branch it establishes that we, the people of the 9th Congressional District of Ohio, submit this open letter.

In each Congressional election of the past twenty-seven years, the people of this district have entrusted you with the distinct honor of being our Representative. While many of us did not vote for you, the nature of our representative republic gives you the honor of representing all of us. We have been patient over these many years, and have exercised our right to speak by contacting your office with our thoughts and concerns, even when no reply was forthcoming. Last year, even though many of us might normally disagree with you, we encouraged and thanked you as you stood steadfastly against President Bush’s bank bailouts. Your speeches on the floor were thought provoking, and you stood on principle.
However, it seems the commendable fiscal oversight you exercised in that vote did not carry over to votes thereafter. With the Stimulus, the Spending Omnibus, Cap and Trade, and other legislation, government spending is out of control. We do not have enough money to pay for this out-of-control spending. Our children’s liberty and prosperity are being gambled away on federal deficits and the inflation that follows from printing more money to pay them.
The Declaration of Independence clearly states that the authority of the government comes from the people: “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed.” As concerned citizens, we do not consent to these actions, and we hold that the government is not maintaining the system that the Founders established.
Representative Kaptur, we believe that you are no longer representing your constituents in accord with the Constitution; and to that end, we are openly holding you accountable for your votes and actions. Therefore, we respectfully submit the following grievances:
· You have failed to openly and honestly debate issues with your constituents, and have instead opted to hide behind staff and form letters.
· You have voted on legislation without personally reading its content.
· Your recent votes have contributed to trillions of dollars in federal deficits, and enslaved our children to increased taxation, inflation, and debt.
· You allowed “czars” to assume unconstitutional powers in the Executive.
· You voted for government ownership of American industries at the price of jobs, personal property, and liberty. In doing so, you have moved America toward socialism.
· You voted for “Cap and Trade” which will raise our already exorbitant taxes and energy costs while crippling our industries.
· You cast this vote in exchange for $3.5 billion of our tax money to fund another new federal bureaucracy.
· You are about to vote for a healthcare bill that threatens our right to life and the liberty to maintain our health care as we choose. This bill would forever undermine the quality and efficiency of healthcare, lead to government rationing, and move America toward euthanasia and taxpayer funded abortion.

Representative Kaptur, we have not come to this decision lightly. We respect our Constitution and the government it created. But, as Thomas Jefferson wrote of the People in the Declaration of Independence: “But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their futuresecurity.”
While we do not want to throw off the Government, we must question those who represent us. We hired you with our votes, and as your employer, it is our right to hold you to standards that are both ethical and constitutional.
Frankly, we do not doubt your passion for the good of our region. However, a large portion of your constituency is disenfranchised, and we respectfully request a townhall meeting with you during your recess, so that you may explain your positions in person, and hear our concerns as citizens and business owners.
Representative Kaptur, the time has come to forgo automated form letters, website updates, and quarterly newsletters. We have reserved the following dates at different branches of the Lucas County Library: August 13th, August 18th, August 25th, and August 31st. We would like to begin a meeting at 6:30pm and have approximately two hours of your time. Please respond by email to thechildrenofliberty@yahoo.comor call 419-705-3702 to schedule a time.
Thank you for your consideration.

Scott and Anna Allegrini
On behalf of your Constituents, the Citizens of the 9th Congressional District of Ohio

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If folks had such "deep respect" for our Constitution we wouldn't be in the mess we are today and the fraud and foreigner Obama/Soetoro/Obama wouldn't be president usurper!

When I wrote Representative Marcy Kaptur's office, as one who truly respects our Constitution, expressing honest concerns and asking legitimate questions about Obama/Soetoro/Obama's eligibility to be POTUS, I didn't even get a lousy form letter like I did from Sherrod Brown (exposing his willful or woeful ignorance of the big difference between a long form birth certificate and a certification of live birth). Marcy Kaptur's moment of glory was opposing NAFTA. Representative Kaptur was also helpful in forwarding my letters to the State Department after my unjust deportation from Israel. 

Why Edward Abington, Jr.  Must Be Investigated!

However, recent attempts to secure Representative Kaptur's assistance in receiving assurances from Israel that I may return without harassment (to at least visit my kibbutz mother's grave and holy sites and places that I've lived and worked and studied at over the years), have apparently fallen upon deaf ears.

Will Israel Right the Wrong?

times do you have to ask this question? We all know you want to know, but you asking it every day is not going to help the cause. We are not idiots and it is becoming annoying.

A large portion of Kaptur's constituency is not disenfranchised ... they are merely being added to the welfare rolls. So we can hardly expect these folks to tell Kaptur to stop spending (other people's money).

We need to send real fiscal conservatives to the Congress. Wake me up when a real fiscal conservative rears his or her head around here. All the politicians we end up with in office are adepts in some form of fiscal liberalism, since they are beholden to some special interest instead of the larger constitutional duty.

This letter will apparently appear in the Toledo Free Press this week. It's part of something the religious group "Children of Liberty" call "Project Marcy". They're attempting to get Ms Kaptur to speak somewhere and then disrupt the meeting mobstyle and video tape it to create the illusion of discontent with her job performance.

Pink Slip

This is Anna and my husband is the founder of the Children of Liberty. You have been a member of The Children of Liberty for a long time, getting our emails and seeing our posts. Nice to know that you think you are telling on us. "This letter will apparently appear in the Toledo Free Press this week. It's part of something the religious group "Children of Liberty" call "Project Marcy" " The information on our website is open to anyone who wants to look at it. We have not been hiding anything. If you had bothered to come to a meeting, not that you would, you would realize that we are not a "religious group", we are not affiliated with any church or religious belief. If you feel we have forced our religious beliefs on you, as a member of the Children of Liberty, I think you could find about 200 or so others who would say that was not the case. You are masquerading as a "member" and that is fine. We would not exclude anyone, no matter your opinion. But at least have the decency not to spread falsehoods about what we have planned. To say that we would attempt to "get Ms Kaptur to speak somewhere and then disrupt the meeting mobstyle and video tape it to create the illusion of discontent with her job performance" is extremely disrespectful. We have not said, nor will we ever encourage a "mobstyle" meeting. We wrote this letter to make it clear what issues we have with her governance, and you will note that the letter is from my husband and I, not from the group as a whole. Please continue to be a part of our group, but at least be responsible about the information that you decide spread around. Thanks.

The emails did say that this was part of a national effort. I can only surmise that the intent is the same as the other nation-wide town hall meetings that we've seen lately.

Why do you deny the religious nature of the group? It's pretty clear from the website that one of the group's missions is to "secure [God's] place at the center of our country's social and political conscience." If that's what you're about--fine. But why hide from it?

Pink Slip

The "national effort" was for a rally we are having, not the town hall meeting. Two separate things. I have not posted the rally information here yet, but you will see that announced as a "national" effort because other folks from around the country are doing the same thing at the same time in front of their congress persons office. I suppose you could assume what you want, but ours is a respectful, peaceful gathering to let Ms. Kaptur know how we feel about the prospect of national healthcare. And, that is our right as Americans, is it not? Acorn does it, why is it so "extreme" when an alternatate opininon wants to be heard. We are considered "mobish," and I am not sure I have ever heard the same adjective appllied to gatherings of more liberal minded people.
As far as the God/religion thing, you never answered my question, Pink Slip. You have been getting our emails for months. Because I write "God Bless" at the end of an email? That constitutes me infringing my "religion" on you? Remind me not to say anything if you sneeze! I think you will note, in our mission statement that you seem to be posting everywhere, while acusing us of hiding from being a "religious group", that it says to "reclaim God in our lives, and in so doing...." Meaning, that faith in God or no faith at all is an individual choice. We will not be "forcing" our religious beliefs on anyone. Reclaiming God is an individual choice, a choice we cannot make for anyone and would not pretend to. Again, I think that you will agree as one of our members, albeit begrudgingly it seems, that in our emails or any education series, etc., they have never been "religious" by any means. We have never had a meeting that was "all about God!" and telling members what to believe. That is what church is for, if you should chose to go.

Wait, wait, I know what you are going to post. You are gonna say, "you had a gathering for the National Day of Prayer." Indeed we did. Did we force our members to come? Did we use the opportunity of the National Day of Prayer to gather together? Yes we did. Were there liberal people and democrats who prayed together in groups or public places that day? I am positive there were. That is the point of that day. Again, an individual choice. You either chose to participate in a gathering or not. Even President Obama prayed that day at the White House. He didn't say we had to! Individual choice.

I really do admire you Pink Slip, for being a member of The Children of Liberty and attempting to familiarize yourself with the things we do. We welcome you. You will not see me banning you from our group. In the meantime, again, I ask you PLEASE to be respectful of our group and not post things based on your assumption. Feel free to email me directly if you question the things we are doing so that we can clarify before you post things.

Anna, I never claimed that you or your group was "infringing" or "forcing" your religion on anyone. I pointed out one of the group's mission statements. You have every right to promote the mingling of religion and politics. The group seems well-organized and I'm sure that a lot of hard work was put into it. For that you should be applauded. If I mischaracterized the intent of any proposed meetings with members of Congress, then I apologize. Perhaps your group will be the exception in what is quickly becoming the rule around the country. Perhaps we won't see members of Congress shouted down, perhaps the CoL won't act like an angry mob and distrupt meetings. We shall see.

Pink Slip

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