Ok it is time to help out and not complain

Ok everyone, I have asked several times to help me make the profanity filter work better for you by asking you to send me problems you have with the filter. I have not received one suggestion/issue. The filtering service is provided by http://webpurify.com. They are the service for PBS sites so you can see why they are a little extreme. But I can exempt words by adding them to a whitelist. I personally have been caught up with it two times but a quick reword got me around it. But we can make the list more palatable for our site by creating the custom whitelist. So what I ask of you is if you get caught up on a word to please shoot me an e-mail using the link to the right and let me know what word you got caught up with and I can see if we need to add it to the whitelist. We can make this work, but I need your help. Thank you.

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but why do you feel a need to have this 'filter' implemented in the first place? Where is the great outcry from SB members requesting that this be part of the site?

How has this 'feature', if we can call it that, improved the quality of the site for you and the members of Swampbubbles?

We have on here the issue of troll-like posters disrupting threads and 'contributing' hateful material to much hand-wringing and 'what can we do?' anxiety.

Compared to that, why is this language filter deemed so important? Why is it important at all?

I should have read your post closer...I pretty much said the same thing.

Civil discourse is pretty much out the window with DBA's racist posts and users names that ask liberals to blow them...

How does using the f-word or writing sh!t out take away from what has become a slow downward spiral.

there is a downward spiral and I am quite aware of the activity on this site and statistics. More people mean a wider spectrum and that also means more weirdos. The site is still growing at the same rate and I expect it to continue.

Being I have always made transparency a part of the site showing reads of posts, I also go a step further and make my site statistics public.

You can see how my site is doing at Quantcast anytime:

You will always know how much traffic I am getting and I won't make any outrageous claims.

I am not going to rehash why it is needed. The filter is staying on and I am glad it is keeping the site pretty clean. I will work to get the whitelist tweaked and then it won't be such a problem.

BTW it got me with "boogie" which I never thought was a bad word :) so I know it is a bit extreme, but I am more than willing to get the list tweaked for our use.

Since the thread has veered into the larger issues, here are few thoughts about the site:

1. Chris fails to realize that there are quite a few intelligent racists, and he succumbs to the false notion that racism is limited to knuckle-dragging Neanderthals, and that the sheer volume of intelligent debate by sensible posters will drive them away. DB-A is likely a loon, but he is not stupid. He will continue to use Chris's site as a way to pump up his Google page ranks through endless links, as well as to send a trickle of traffic to his sites by gawkers and a few like-minded tools. Essentially Chris becomes an unwitting racism-enabler by allowing this kook so much unlimited space and free page rank through non-stop links. Also, I think DB-A just likes the attention and/or the reactions he gets when he posts something outrageous.

2. The idea that booting off or limiting DB-A (or any other white supremacist, zany ideologue, link spammer, troll, or idiot) is "censorship" is idiocy. This individual has over four dozen cross-linked blogs, and he has a far greater presence on the Internet than most people (myself included). This is an issue of community: is there a true community at Swambubbles, or is SB yet another virtual free-for-all where people can post the any drivel they want (as long as they do not use a cuss word)? DB-A can exercise his freedom of speech and spew his racist drivel all he wants, but if he shows up in my front yard, I'll send him packing. The same should be true for a site like this, but Chris ultimately makes the decision about the sorts of people he lets hang out with him.

3. The more that the racists, trolls, and lunatics fill up the place, the more I just want to quit visiting and visit other sites. Eventually I will find myself embarassed to even post here out of concern for guilt-by-association.

4. Re: site traffic: what good is site traffic if the site is overrun with lunatics, white supremacists, and drunken stalkers? To put this in perspective, that's like being proud of owning a multi-million dollar kiddie pornographic studio: you may be rich, but who wants to be known as the King of Kiddie Diddling?

5. The word "p-- o-- r --n" just got blocked, too.

SensorG speaks of a downward spiral it has nothing to do with whatever statistics show your site traffic to be.

The filter is staying on only because in your eyes to take it off would mean you made a mistake by adding it in the first place.

You say it is keeping the site 'pretty clean' while at the same time you acknowledge and ask for help and advice in dealing with the flotsam and jetsam posters like DB-A, Paul Liberty/El Machico/others leave strewn all over the joint.

Incredible. And incredibly tone deaf.

I do believe I'm done here, at least for the time being. Subtract a figure from your 'stats.'


and the profanity filter are two separate issues. DBA I don't think swears, but he says stuff that many do not agree with. User behavior different than my desire to not have any swear words here which was an issue from day one. Users are a completely different issue. Good posters like Guest Zero are good but likes to use the f word. But you cannot combine the two issues.

We can eliminate the profanity filter issue by customizing it for this site. But you all have to help. Regarding different users and their behavior, that is another issue.

You may take issue with me mentioning the stats. I am well aware of the health of the site and the #s are only one part of it. There is a fine line between having a community where issues can be discussed and one where it only breeds the same thought, which is why decisions on what are accepted topics are not made quickly.

For those of you dense individuals who do not understand, LibsCanBlowMe means "Liberals can kiss my azz" or "bite me you Liberal douchebag".

But if my user name offends Chris, I'd be happy to change it.

That will not change the fact that I have totally no respect for Liberals, including you, Sensor.

Maybe I could change my screen name to "KMA-Libtards". Or "I_Wouldn't_spit_on_you_Liberals_if_your_hair_was_on_fire".


My new screen name will be "PutHereToTickOffSensorG"

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Chris – When I mentioned the continued downward spiral of SB, please see exhibit A above.

you complain about the filter then complain about obscene usernames. If I had the filter in place this name would not be there. But I won't blame users for me not keeping up on it. But now that I can it is a different story.

Yes Libs it would be god to change your name since you are offering.

I could care less about the usernames or the profanity or DBA for that matter. I’m just pointing out that you think censoring profanity is a good thing, but don’t think censoring DBA’s racist sh!t or wingnuts begging for blow jobs is a problem.

This is a reflection on you Chris, not SB, not DBA, not el Liberty and not guy begging for blow jobs. Let me make this clear…I’m pointing out YOUR hypocrisy over your argument for censorship and the above are just examples…


It looks to me like people including SensorG and his ilk want a forum where they can regurgitate their DNC supplied scripts without being questioned, whthout posting supporting facts or references and without discourse.

However, if a 4 letter word is in their DNC supplied script, they want free access to post whatever they are told to, including profanity.

But god forbid you use profanity in debunking one of their posts or "points" (I use the term loosely).

SensorG et al, want total unbridled freedom of speech, but only for themselves.

That is the "downward sprial". The board being hijacked by Democratic operatives who become "offended" when they are not the ones calling names.

Freedom of speech DOES NOT mean freedom from being offended.


Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Hey, as a Democratic operative from Cali---I'm offended by that remark. Consider yourself persona non grata at next year's Christmas party. Seriously though, I'd like to help with the name change. I suggest the following:


Factual AND clean.

Pink Slip

So if you can't beat them censor them. Is that what I am hearing from you Sensor?
Oh wait...I must be confusing that with the Fairness Doctrine.

Personally, I am an adult and not easily offended by some trivial little bulls*it like an online username or cuss words for that matter. Sensor, I would not feel offended if you decided to change your name to something like "ConservativesKissMyAss" so whats the big deal? Step away from your bruised ego and your sensitive feelings and just counter "Libscanblowme" arguments with substantiated and credible counter points. Silly me...it's easier for Liberals to just go in to a defensive attack mode because they cant refute a Conservatives claim.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Who am I trying to censor? I’m just pointing out to Chris the hypocrisy of HIS argument for censorship. He is picking and choosing and just surprised that he thinks I shouldn’t use the word “fu*k in a sentence but DBA can imply that blacks are all sorts of nasty things and let him have free reign.

language and topics. The two are separate. Your argument is quite weak trying to tie the two.

Anyway I am still trying to think of a way to handle the growth, until that time I will continue doing what I have done with users and topics which is not much until they go overboard.

Getting back to the original topic, please submit any words that unnecessarily get caught in the filter.

I sent a list via the link.


got it. Thanks.

Last thing Chris -
The fact that you think that you need to filter the f-word and not filter the racist rants of DBA at some point becomes a reflection on you, right or wrong.

I support the previous posts here, all of whom have stated their position in a much more civil manner than I could.

Chris, the profanity filter is stupid. Get rid of it. Letting DB-A and his cronies post their racist drivel all over a site you own indicates that you're showing them support. That's incredibly stupid.

Chris wants to get a seat on the Toledo Board of Education and run the public school system, but he's incapable of running a BBS.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

I could understand if Chris chose to let DBA post his sh!t and we were all free to use all the swear words we wanted, the place would be a mess, but at least Chris could say there was no censorship.

Instead Chris looked at the site and decided that profanity was an issue and by extension, the racist rambling of a white supremacist were “ok”.

I could only imagine a few years down the road Chris will be running for some position or another and someone will ask him about the posted here and he’ll say “it’s an open board”.

If I was the guy asking the question, I’d point out that he freely filtered and edit posts when he deemed necessary, but let others go, once again giving them credence.

I could only imagine a few years down the road Chris will be running for some position or another and someone will ask him about the posted here and he’ll say “it’s an open board”.

Kind of like Obama when questioned about his pastor of 20 years...
Responding to mounting controversy over radical anti-American and racist statements by his pastor, the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination said he was not in attendance when Wright made any of the statements and never heard such talk in private conversations.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

You've argued that it made Obama a racist and unfit to be president because of this. Are you saying that Chris is a racist and unfit to be on the school board?

you missed the point. I am in no way saying Chris is racist or unfit for the school board. I simply wanted to point out the hypocrisy of your statement.

You suggest that Chris will plead ignorance to statements made on this board if questioned about it in future elections while you fully supported a candidate who said he hadn't heard his pastors radical anti-American and racist statements in the 20 years he was part of the flock.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

I got your point, I just threw it them back at you. While I don't know Chris personally we have quite a few friends in common and I no reason to believe he endorses DBA, but Chris has made a choice to censor some things (cuss words) and edit others (see Pink Slip during the election) and not to edit or censor others.

You don't think that someone during a heated election wouldn't try to use it?

I come to this site almost daily. I read or don't read whatever I choose. Four letter words and the likes of DB-A have never bothered me. It is just like my tv/radio, I can change the channel or turn it off. Some of you need to relax or get a life. It aint that important and neither are you. As for El Mac, You people feed into him. Ignoring works really well, try it. As for content that I am interested in, it's just like the daily blah, read the head lines, if interested read the article, if not move on to something else. If I continue to come here and there is nothing of interest week after week, I'll probably get out of the habit and just read elsewhere and I won't lose any sleep over it, It's just not that important really.


This thread and Chris' question on another thread in which he asked us what legal recourse he may have in a virtual community sent the gears between my ears grinding.

The virtual "world" is considered by those who study it to be "space." BUT once a community is formed and nurtured, the space transforms into a "place," not unlike a physical place. SB, by virtue of the interactivity between members, is a place.

As such, we can draw metaphors as many of us here have in the past, likening this to a neighborhood and or cafe or bar--a gathering place where discussion takes place. For your consideration:

Let's imagine this is the SB Cafe where the gang, Madjack, Brian from Vero Beach FL, Purnhrt, Mikey A, Libscanblowme and SensorG are all sitting in booths and at tables finishing their breakfasts before heading off to start their workdays. The dialogue is animated, sometimes heated. There are some disagreements, but the conversations continue and everyone is heard.

Scenario 1: In walks Mr. Liberty, who sees Brian from Vero Beach Fl. One of them--it doesn't matter who--throws the first verbal punch and the two are in an shouting match which silences the rest of the gang and sends them on their way a lot earlier than they'd like. BrianinVeroBeachFl and Mr. Liberty/Sybil continue insulting one another across the room. No other conversation is possible....This happens enough times that the individuals each choose other places for breakfast and small talk.

Scenario 2: In walks DB-A, who stands at the front of the cafe with a megaphone decrying the National Sins of Christmas, Easter, abortion and homosexuality, and demanding an end to "black on white violence!"
The members of the community, scattered about the cafe at their booths and tables, shout back at him, attempting to end the disruption, but he doesn't cease...he is on a mission--to promote himself and his webpages...through the captive audience at the SB cafe. Eventually, the SBubblers leave, and as in Scenario 1, find other haunts. Who can eat a pecan roll with someone shouting "Where is the Birth certificate?" over and over?

Scenario 3: Let's review ... Madjack, Brian from Vero Beach FL, Purnhrt, Mikey A, Libscanblowme and SensorG are all sitting in booths and at tables finishing their breakfasts before heading off to start their workdays. The dialogue is animated, sometimes heated, There are some disagreements, but the conversations continue and everyone is heard. Someone curses....the Cafe owner makes a beeline for the table and says, "You can't use that language here."

How long will the cafe owner attract the customers/community members under all these scenarios?

People curse in conversation. It sometimes helps them express anger, frustration, or humor. When it is done just for the sake of cursing--a la Phakit Man, for example--it's out of hand. I suppose that makes me one of the filterless proponants. Call us CAMELS...

As for handling the other problems, I'm all for a trusted user site. If SB is operated that way, there would be little need for a filter, no?

about the filter and other's behavior. This is worth a million dollars HW. Thanks. I have hope.

I agree that Helen Wheales made many excellent points. I think that there have been many other thoughtful posts here, Chris, and it is not like the comments by posters MadJack, McCaskey, SensorG, or anyone else I overlooked are not intelligent. If you read closely, most posters are telling you the same thing: the site is losing its value to the sensible liberals, moderates, and conservatives who cherish civil discussion and the free exchange of rational philosophy.

But ultimately it is your site, and if you are fine with the site turning into a non-stop birther-fest, white supremacist podium, and lunatic magnet, you are the one who pays the freight.

I would not categorize everyone you listed as making intelligent arguments, when someone says think about a future election well that is preposterous. You have made arguments but I think Helen's does the best at illustrating it. There are two issues behavior and language and I am dealing with them separately.

When it comes to topics I am going to intelligently address the issue and I have some ideas I am tossing around, most of which involve community policing. But these will take time to implement.

Yes, I argued the same points that have been made about this subject for some time...I just illustrated them from my perspective.

History Mike says:
But ultimately it is your site
Is it?

While the material product SB does belong to Chris--he invented, designed, organized, implemented, and continues to administer and maintain it, as well as pay for it--can a person really OWN the community that interacts here?

It's been demonstrated over time that we do not live and die by his rules--people find ways to subvert them. We also tell him when we want something changed, and when things aren't going well.We also find ways to separate ourselves from those in the community who are not welcome--verbal attacks, berating, and even hijacking threads with information about mythical creatures and bridge dwellers. Increasingly, people are telling him that this is not the community it once was, and that they are not enjoying stopping by like they used to.

We can't put this all on Chris--we are also to blame.
SB, though run by Chris, becomes OUR place. And we will have to shape it into the community that we want it to be. I have noticed that lately few of us are posting stories for discussion, but instead, are scrolling to comment on other posts. If we begin posting legit stories more often (SouthEndBrwdy was good at this and he hasn't been around lately), perhaps then we'd have little cause to even open up a DBA post. We'd be busy talking about other things.
I pledge to do better and to ignore the hate speech.

I agree that we could create more post-level stories, and we could feed trolls fewer tasty bits. I have been guilty of doling out more than a few Troll Treats myself the past week, despite my earlier vows to refrain from such counter-productive behavior.

MikeyA gets credit for the Dwarf-Tsunami idea, which I still think is hilarious as an experiment in a sort of SB theater-of-the-absurd. What better way to address nonsense than to return with more nonsense?

Of course, I see your point and the one Chris implicitly made: idiocy can be drowned out with a greater volume of quality posts and comments.

Please don't give me the credit. He thought of it way back when. I just recirculated it.


I'd rather have the site SwampDwarves.com then BirthersBlacksCartyAndKaptur.com

Will chrismeyers be fed up?

Will the site turn into DBA's gloryhole?

Is John Robinson Block ever going to get a life?

These questions and more soon to be answered. Tune in next time. Same bat time. Same bat channel.



the dramatic music.

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