Children of Liberty candidate forum

The Children of Liberty held their second candidate forum tonight at the Sylvania Branch library in Sylvania Ohio. The candidates who spoke were Ben Konop, Kevin Milliken, and PREZ Washington. Other candidates in attendance were John Adams and Michael Watson. There were about 30 people at the event this evening.

I Twittered the event which you can see here:
My coverage on Twitter is very general and given I was multitasking (uploading photos, fixing a server problem, Twittering and taking photos) may not be encompassing. Any members are free to clarify any details or add their own here on this thread.


As a note, Ben got the most reaction from the audience, especially at the end. He criticized David Washington for his piece in the Toledo Free Press over the weekend and explained why he felt he did not need to go on WSPD, which garnered a strong reaction from the crowd. He also refused to answer any questions about his pledge. He also reiterated that he has not supported increasing taxes, while wanting you to ignore he actually did vote to increase taxes on the hotels. Kevin Milliken and PREZ Washington both reitereated the need for the City to get back to basics.

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We will have the audio and video posted tomorrow morning.

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you may have news with Ben saying it is Gerken who is pushing the township patrols. Good job DZ! I will look forward to hearing it tomorrow morning Fred.

...I appreciated following your updates on Twitter!

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