Remember to Vote No Tomarrow!

Remember to Vote NO Tomarrow Aug. 4th. Vote No on the Oregon Property TAX Levy! I can't afford it. Can you? Levy after Levy. No More !

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Do you think that people in China or India, or Germany or France have fights over funding public schools in the 21st Century? Do we need and deserve a different system of funding? YES!! But our children now compete with children all over the world. Your argument should be with the State of Ohio. The Oregon Schools must live within the laws passed by the state.

As "A RealAmerican", I assume that you feel yourself to be VERY patriotic. I also assume that you're in favor of the young people from Oregon (and elsewhere), who are in the military, getting the best weapons systems, and the best protective devices available, to give them the best chances of fighting wars, winning, and getting home safely. Why aren't you in favor of Oregon's children having the best possible education to compete in the global economy? Patriotism is a LOT more than waving flags, and arming our military!

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