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Inspired by Max the Heckler, I have created . Here you can post why you want to Boo Ben Konop. No need to wait until Ben's supporters trample your flowers to Boo him, you now have a virtual porch to sound off. The site's premise is simple, you log in then write down your reason why you want to boo Ben. Have any suggestions or idea, feel free to suggest it here. The site will be moderated to make sure it keeps it's purpose. Enjoy.

Oh and don't feel guilty doing it. It is environmentally friendly. No consumables were used in the production of the site and it is 96% green.

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What in your life experience, gives you the expertise, to dictate to businesses what they pay, and give as benefits? We know that you pander to certain group's, but you have to understand that your plan leads to more unemployment.

"say why you want to"
should read
"say what you want to"

on this site or on the site? I think I want to say why so it may be a wording quirk. If you could let me know the sentence I could clarify it. I am too close to see where the problem is.

the header
top of your browser window...

ok I get it now. I think I was misreading it

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