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In June of 2009, the Scott Alumni Association through its president Robert Davis requested that TPS form an oversight committee for the Scott High School
building process. Two meetings were held with school board member Lisa
Sobecki, to discuss this formation. The last oversight committee was selected
during the term of former Superintendent Eugene Sanders.

The last minutes of the TPS Community Oversight Committee meetings
found on the TPS website was over three and a half years ago on February 15,

In the words of the Socorro Independent School District "Oversight
Committees are established to review all facilities planning. This committee
acts as a means of involving the public to assure accountability, insuring that
taxpayers dollars are used effectively, efficiently and equitably. They
will serve in an advisory capacity to assure a fiscally responsible, timely and
educationally and appropriate building program."

Cities throughout the country are establishing oversight committees to oversee funds

dedicated to facilities improvements. The committee is typically commissioned by the school board to help them fulfill their monitoring and oversight roles. Committee members are usually volunteers who may or may not have professional experience related to construction management. Their primary function is to oversee the two types of control mechanisms related to program oversight: internal and external controls.

According to a report by the 21st Century School Fund in Washington DC they
found that in Ohio, “Cleveland legislation creating an oversight committee remains the sole source for guidance concerning the committees work. Cleveland Ohio’s combination of a more comprehensive legislative mandate, the hiring of an expert to act as the committee director, and publicly recognized leadership have allowed the committee to be more effective. In general, an additional document, such as a charter,
provides the committee important guidance that enables it to be effective.”

Information on school oversight committees can be found on websites for Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, Cincinnati and Dayton. Toledo Public Schools Search
Repository indicates “ No Files Found”

“H.S. Grace, in The CPA Journal (March 2002), stated: “The board
with and through its audit committee must accept the ultimate responsibility
for the quality and integrity of the risk and control environment.” Most boards
report that they do not consistently practice the financial procedures that
fiduciary experts would require.

The study goes on to ask “How can school boards ensure the financial
integrity of the school district? First, each school board should have a policy
that establishes a board audit committee composed of two board members, an
internal auditor appointed by the board, the district treasurer, and the
business official. Their duties should be to verify annually that the checks
and balances within the financial system are operating as described in the
board’s policy. Board policy should provide answers to the following questions:

Is the person who approves a purchase order different from the one who pays it?Do all vendor checks appear on the warrants and receive board approval?Are all non-payroll checks written to senior executives reviewed by the audit committee and approved by the board?Is there an annual audit procedure for all payroll checks?Is there an annual audit procedure for inventory?Are two independent signatures required for authorizing all checks before the treasurer signs them?Does the board have a procedure to project costs for all contracts before approval?”

The Scott Alumni Association was the guiding force in the effort to renovate Scott High
School and the members and other supportive organizations desire to continue to be involved in the renovation process. Members and other school advocacy groups look forward to being a continued part of the process to insure that the children of Toledo, and
specifically those at Scott High School, have the support and oversight of the
whole community.

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