In order to reverse the recent negative slide of Toledo politics into bickering
camps and in regards to restoring fiscal responsibility; and most importantly in restoring the lost concept of servant hood to public office, I believe that there is a candidate that deserves a spot on city council.

That person is Pastor Stephen Ward who, to me, has shown via his writings
and public actions that he is willing to become that servant to the public and is willing to “ratchet down” the public clamor and racket over issues that if a person
of compassion and moderation were to take the leadership role, viable alternatives would be placed before the citizens of Toledo.

Stephen Ward has shown that he has the qualities of both servant leadership
and a creative eye to bring both in the box thinking and when needed, “out of the
box thinking” to solve the myriad of problems that faces Toledo.

Stephen Ward would be a strong asset to have in the nitty gritty deliberations regarding the politics of Toledo because he is not bought or bossed but has the needed measure of common sense and wit to articulate programs by which the public weal is advanced.

I would trust the future of Toledo in the hands of Pastor Stephen Ward.

I believe that Stephen Ward can make a difference and that he should be given a chance to “run his horses” on city council and we will thus have a chance to further gauge his character and capability by he becoming a member of city council.

I am voting for Stephen Ward and I am asking you to do likewise.


Lafe Tolliver, Attorney

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