More record July lows

More coverage on the record breaking cool July.
Cool July is breaking records, but in Cleveland it's only in the Top 10 of coolest Julys

What is this, Christmas in July?

Not quite, but this unseasonably chilly midsummer month is about to break cold-weather records throughout the Midwest -- some more than 100 years old.

Meteorologists from Madison, Wis., to Chicago to Toledo, Akron and Columbus -- and dozens of cities in between -- are watching their thermometers as the month winds down.

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could be a sign of a really cold winter.

but it's nice to wake up to crisp cool weather where it's not stifling hot and muggy where the AC is running all day long, and the afternoons are a nice 80 degrees instead of a muggy 90+ degree string of misey.

Open those windows and air those houses OUT!!

Edison hates this weather for a reason.

sometimes it's not worth looking the gift horse in the mouth.

Again you are talking about one region of the United States. The Great Northwest is burning hot! Seattle has been at or over record highs every day for weeks! The Central Valley of California has been so hot and dry that food prices are going to rise from the lack of a normal crop harvest cycle there! Most of the area west of the Rockies has been very hot this summer!

You've got to get past this, "if it happens in Toledo, the entire earth is now different", theme!! I know, I never allow facts to stand in the way of your opinions.

"The Central Valley of California has been so hot and dry that food prices are going to rise from the lack of a normal crop harvest cycle there! Most of the area west of the Rockies has been very hot this summer!"

Well Dale I live on the Northern edge of Joshua Tree National Park. Right at one of the hottest points of the high desert.

It took all the way to mid-July for the temperature to cross 100.

Now since it crossed that mark the temperature has normalized but it debunks your statement. In fact, yesterday's weather report said we were almost 10 degrees below the average. That has been on par with this year.

Earlier this year we received SNOW.! That's right..... This area which rarely sees precipitation actually got snow. My Master Sergeant keeps a picture of the front gate with the sign covered in snow and below it he wrote: Marines Expect the Unexpected.

So don't act as this hasn't been an unusual year.


I was in San Francisco from the middle to the end of June. There were reports on more than one TV station from the Central Valley showing the drought. SF nightly news ALWAYS includes the high temps in the Central Valley. Every day I was there for almost two weeks, temps were at or over 100 degrees in most of the Central Valley. Either you're in an area of a "micro-climate", or you're lying to win a point!

I guess the reports out of Seattle and the Great Northwest are lies, too! Just can't believe the Weather Channel and the national news! Not if you're a neo-con! Never let facts stand in the way of your opinion, Mikey!


Your typical conservative is so anti-intellectual and anti-school (screwel as their leader likes to say) that you can understand they don’t have the concept of anecdotal evidence verses scientific evidence.

I could easily tell my uncles stories of taking their cars out on Lake Erie in the winter during the 70’s (nothing light about those cars back then). Now people loose ATVs on the ice in January… again this is anecdotal not scientific that the lake doesn’t get as cold.

I could cite as “proof” the Earth is getting warmer by linking to this article -
Texas' dry, hot days expected to last awhile

The drought began last year and continued into early this year, said John Nielsen-Gammon, the state's climatologist. April showers brought some relief, but May and June were dry, he said. If this continues, Texas could see record-breaking drought conditions that eclipse the 1950s drought, when there were water restrictions, and even the 1917 drought, the worst in state history, Nielsen-Gammon said.

But again it’s just anecdotal evidence which does not equal scientific evidence.

Articles like the one Chris posted citing anecdotal evidence will be used to debunk obvious “leftist” institutions like MIT, Ohio State and the University of Michigan. Conservatives would rather get their scientific facts from economists and radio talk show hosts.

What is funny is the gradual shift of the conservative argument over the last 5 years. 5 years ago, every conservative would call global warming and climate change a hoax.

With the overwhelming evidence that climate change is happening, around 30% now say “well yes it’s happening, but its natural” “it’s sun spots”, “it can’t be man made”.

I guess any progress is better than nothing.

I just love banging my head against the neo-con wall!

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