2nd Annual Neighborhood Picnic on the Lawn - Feed Your Neighbor Fundraiser

You are cordially invited to the 2nd annual “Neighborhood Picnic on the Lawn”, sponsored by Bethany, Augsburg, and Reformation Lutheran Churches, Toledo Block Watch, and, GateWay Marketing Online being held on August 1st. 2009! This will be the largest intercommunity organizational picnic of its kind in the area. Thus far, 101 businesses have been invited and all residents are welcome to join us for a day of food, fun, and socializing!.

After raising ~$2000 for the local Feed Your Neighbor program last year, this year we have added a 100+ car "Park-n-Shine" and many new activities -- but we need your help! This will be the perfect opportunity to network, support our local businesses, and socialize! So get involved, have some good food, and find out more at:


Heather & Cory Buford
Virtual Realty Consultants
GateWay Marketing Online
Sr. Web Designers/Developers
Business Development Specialists
csr@gwmo.com http://www.gwmo.com

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I was wondering if the eats are free for those of us who cannot afford to bring a dish?

are you saying that you can afford internet access but can not afford to bring a dish ????

Allow me to pull your weight for you.....it seems to be the new American way. I will bring my dish to pass and I will also bring YOUR dish to pass.

See you there !


Thanks-after all-I must be fed! And pile on the goodies, with an extra dessert.


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