Sears announces approval of funding for job creation

COLUMBUS - State Representative Barbara Sears (R- Sylvania) today
announced the release of $62,000 to Turbine Standard Ltd., located in
Springfield and Swanton townships. This project will help Turbine
Standard create 35 new full-time jobs and retain 17 existing full-time

Specifically, the State Controlling Board approved a Rapid Outreach
Grant to cover the costs associated with acquisition of equipment and
machinery, including hydraulic mules, engine hoists, aircraft jacks,
aircraft tow bars and avionics test equipment.

"It's always positive news when we can bring our tax dollars back to our
communities," Sears said. "It's particularly good news to see a company
investing in capital projects and creating new jobs."

In addition to the machinery project, Turbine Standard will also expand
its current facility in Springfield Township to continue aircraft engine
maintenance operations.

"Bringing jobs to Ohioans and providing businesses with support as they
accept additional investments is key to improving Ohio's economy," Sears

Turbine Standard was established in 2003 and provides engine repair and
testing services for numerous domestic and international customers,
including Honeywell turboprop aircraft engines.

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Why is this being done and why can't they do it themselves?


Yes ... why are we buying equipment for a PRIVATE COMPANY, and on top of that, why aren't we owners of that equipment to boot?

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