It's official: Recall OFF the ballot

More to come stay tuned! Supreme Court says lacked proper signature disclaimer.
Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner announced July 27 that the Ohio Supreme Court ruled to prevent a recall effort from appearing on the ballot on Nov. 3.

According to the court document State ex rel. Finkbeiner v. Lucas Cty. Bd. of Elections, the petition did not include a legal clause stating that election falsification is a felony of the fifth-degree.

Carty called out Michael Miller, and he had to respond:

“I’m not perfect, but Toledo has a bright future,” Finkbeiner said. “And
non-Toledoans Tom Schlachter, Andy Stuart, Brian Schwartz, [Toledo Free
Press Editor in Chief] Michael Miller and others should move into Toledo or
invest in Toledo if they wish to play a leadership role in Toledo.”

Miller, who lived in Toledo for 35 years, is a graduate of Libbey High
School and the University of Toledo but now lives in Tecumseh, Mich., said
that while he has never been a member of the Take Back Toledo effort, he
“strongly supported” the group’s efforts in his weekly column.

“As Finkbeiner’s legacy has collapsed around him and buried a large number
of Toledoans under the debris of failed policy, broken relationships with
the suburbs and public relations disasters that brought Toledo international
shame, it has been gratifying to see thousands of Toledoans support Take
Back Toledo,” Miller said. “It is another in a long list of hypocrisies that
Finkbeiner scolds critics who work but do not live in Toledo, while he all
but bows before a *Blade* owner who lives as far away as Pittsburgh.”

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If you think you need legal advice, pay an impartial lawyer.

Also, don't insult a "city council wannabe" unless you like the taste of crow.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

Since adding your name to the November ballot to run for the City Council requires signatures on a petition, would someone please make sure these petitions have the correct "legal clause stating that election falsification is a felony of the fifth-degree"?

John Adams
Terry Biel
Joe Carter
Mark W Clark
Phillip Copeland
Jeff Cromwell
Tyrone Daniels
Rob Ludeman
Patricia Lyons
Adam J Martinez
Joe McNamara
Kevin Milliken
George Sarantou
Hans G. Schnapp
Terry Shankland
Constantine P. Stamos
Steven C. Steel
Steven L. Sulewski
Polly Taylor-Gerken
Jeremiah VanBuren
Stephen Ward
David (Prez) Washington
Michael R. Watson

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Total waste of time and money. Only ones who made out were the ratings for WSPD extreme radio! From what I've seen on 13 News Brian should be using his time more productive, try mowing some of those Toledo parks with Carty. You look like you could lose a few, save on the health care costs.

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.


Im thinking the 45,000 people who signed the petitions might disagree.

I agree Billy. This was Toledoans first step toward empowerment and telling all the politicians in this town that they are waking up and not going to take it anymore. They are tired of the status quo.

Carty can spin it anyway he wants, the truth remains, Toledoans are on to him and over him and the embarrassment and destruction he has caused has to end. That is his legacy, Well done Carty. you are a fool

".....None so blind as those that will not see. They have baffled their own consciences, and so they walk on in darkness.” ~~~Matthew Henry~~~

So the BOE gave them the wrong petiton? Sounds like the typical Toledo marlarky. Carty knew something like this would happen. What he can't deny is that 45,000 Toledoen's signed their name to send his butt packin.

It seems to me the 45000 who signed the petition rights were violated. I think the US Supreme Court should rule on this.

That's a very interesting argument concerning that it was overturned on a technicality.

And note I am against the recall vote because it'll just put another worthless career politician into the mayor's office.


I can understand your argument against "career politicians"...
why don't you bring your buddy up from Florida to straighten this town out. He appears to have all the latest and greatest of ideas.

Of course, that would mean he would have to leave all that heat, humidity and mosquitos behind.
To say nothing of the overcrowding.

It's called the Brain Drain for a reason.


Toledo lost a lot of "Brainpower" when we lost him.
*snicker* *snicker*
hoot hoot *snort* *snort*

Toledo's gain is Sebastian, Florida's loss. (Vero is his disguise)


Now to get back on thread.....
Yes, it IS a real shame that the recall is off the ballot.
Mr. Finkbeiner is the type of narcissist that needs to see something as undeniable as a recall before he will even entertain the idea that he has issues. He still acts like the only people that have been burned by him are the TBT organizers. He conveniently neglects to mention anything about the 45,000 people that signed a document to get him out of office, an office that he is unqualified for.

to get him out of office, an office that he is unqualified for.

too bad there's not like a machine that he could just blow into that would get him out of the job he's not qualified for... It could really help keep worthless trash out of government jobs that competent people could use!

are what makes life in the swamp more dificult than it needs to be.

I happen to know a few facts of the situation of the REAL g-man, so for the sake of accuracy I will reply to your trolling taunts;

No one "bit the hand that fed ya".
g-man worked hard to get Finkbeiner elected: no one worked harder. Yet he was deceived as well as an overwhelming majority of the voters in that election. Face it - Finkbeiner is a mastermind of the illusion and could be a very charming person when he wanted to be. g-man was big enough to admit his mistake in supporting a fake like Finkbeiner and THAT is the reason he has withdrawn his support. He recognized his mistake in supporting an unqualified person and deeply regrets that action. Many others have recognized their mistake of supporting him and have withdrawn their support. That is the whole reason behind the recall idea, sir.

As far as worthless trash - that is a very ignorant and uninformed statement.
g-man has a work ethic that would put most people's to shame, believe me. He was non-stop one of the hardest working city workers anyone had ever seen. He would not even take the almighty 'union break' most days. He kept right on working. Co-workers were dumbfounded by his strong work ethic.

Can you say that about yourself ?


Can you say that about yourself ?

Uh, yeah - as a matter of fact I can.

But more importantly, after my mid year review last week, my boss said so too and recommended me for advancement. I can also pee in a bottle any time day or night that anybody asks me to, and pass any narcotic test someone might wanna run - AND have been ready, willing an able to do so for a couple decades. Ive also got a valid CDL...

So back at ya - Can you say that about yourself?

Rhetorical question, you dont need to answer. Your credibility isnt good so whatever you may say is a bit tainted anyway, so what's the point.

BTW - I issued a challenge to you a couple weeks back. It's still out there.

It is the least you could do.

But you want to keep dragging this on, so....I prefer to take it off-site.

As far as discussion, sure - give me a call on the special hotline I have waiting for you. At your earliest convenience, kindly dial 1-800-F*cKo*f.

John Paul Liberty

. It's been the same old material over and over. He likes to throw stuff against the wall thinking it will stick, yet avoid the direct answers because he knows they are true.

So instead on addressing the smoking weed with juveniles in a garage off the clock as a strong work ethic, he'd rather blather on about an event he couldn't afford.

Let him ramble. No one's listening.

except us lol

"he" sure knows an awful lot about the goings-on in the mind of "Gary Grozewski" lol

Did "Gary's" work ethic include smoking weed with two teenagers in a garage, alone, while working as a drug rehabilitation councilor for the Lucas County Court of Common Pleas?? Then violate the probation he was put on from the DUI/City Vehicle debacle by smoking another joint?

just wanted to make sure we were talking about the same "worthless trash" and work ethic, seeing you put the two in the same sentence, Gari.

Take Back Toledo failed for two reasons. One, it was because those involved with Take Back Toledo truly had no idea what they were doing from the get-go. Even with lawyers, this failure should not have occured with responsible and educated people at the helm of this fiasco, but seeing they blocked ol' GG from helping out and guiding the team in the right direction, a simple oversight that should have been caught, wasn't.

Second, the Board Of Elections, in their infinite wisdom, and not just those two Republicans, failed to do their due dilligence.

It doesn't change the fact that 45,000+ people have had enough, it's the other half of that that didn't sign the petitions that Carty is hanging his hat upon.

oh, and make sure you don't trip over those red flags like Chris has...

Obama is not a citizen. I know this because the maffia killed JFK so the CIA could fake the moon landing in order to keep the technology available to keep the nazi's alive in Argentina so that they could rig the 2000 election and make President Bush to fly planes into the World Trade Center to start a war so the Skull and Bones Society could get the Masons to help them create a one world economy where people would be brainwashed. It was all paid for with gold hidden under the graves of slaves that descended from Thomas Jefferson .



You just confirmed it.

Keep on drinking the Kool-aid.


Are you seriously telling us that the former city employee who had the previous number of DUI's in the teens, who showed up to work drunk and got yet another DUI and was sprung early from his jail term has SINCE THEN violated his parole by using an illegal substance???



I'm not infallible - please tell me Im interpreting you wrong.

within the 114 emails I have, several state he's allegedly "on appeals".

Now, I'd love to send what I got in my inbox to assist those involved to rid our streets of such vermin by denying the appeal, but I'm all about "natural selection", which permits me to let the ball bounce on his own merits without my assistance.

but as for now, he's allegedly "out on appeals"...

court decisions are based on facts of a case, and a proper application of law.
Not whether you like someone or not, and not whether they have disclosed your true lack of fatherhood on the internet (which was already there anyway).

BTW - how's your toy car collection coming ? Any new matchbox toys ?
vrooooom vroooooooooooooommmmmmmmmm
vrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooooooooooommmm !!!

J.P. Liberty

and your contribution to society?

pure genius, just like his daddy?

you got nothing

a lot to be proud of lol



from the Blade story:

'Mr. Finkbeiner said he has not decided whether he will seek to have the county pay his personal legal expenses.'

Ummm, I'm guessin' the county's payin.'

Also found this quote interesting and i'm not sure what point is trying to be made here:

"He is not going to be the mayor next year, and that was the point all along," Take Back Toledo spokesman Tom Schlachter said

What was the point all along? That this action spurred Carty into definitely deciding to not run again? It was all a head-fake? It wasn't real?


"He is not going to be the mayor next year, and that was the point all along," Take Back Toledo spokesman Tom Schlachter said

My ass.

Pink Slip

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